Thursday, December 1, 2011

Silk Tartan Parlour Skirt

This skirt "says" Christmas to me. And no wonder, it's from the Holiday 2007 collection. The silk tartan parlour skirt is 100% silk taffeta and lined with a rich royal blue acetate. The fabric is a good weight and the tartan pattern is elegant preppy. A crisp white shirt and luscious cashmere cardi or velvet jacket would be lovely. And I think pretty heels as shown or riding boots would work nicely. It could go casual with a tee and flats.
The fabric is interesting. As it moves and light hits it in different directions, some of the colors change. I see what appears to be black go to a bronze green. The pattern matches up perfectly at the front and back center seams. Every belt loop has the same portion of the tartan pattern. The right and left pocket trim is exactly symmetrical. The wide waist band is faced with the same tartan silk and the inside edges bound in satiny red.
Here's the original (no-nonsense) description: Silk. Full skirt with inverted pleats. Sits lower on the waist. Wide waistband. Belt loops. Zip fly. Off-seam pockets. Fully lined. Hits at knee; 23" long. Import. Dry clean.

It retailed for $198.

have had a size 2 and it's slightly shorter at approximately 22" long. It's never-worn new with tags and it's for sale. The only reason it is, is because I had purchased the size 2 thinking I could never find the correct size for me. Thought I'd get it altered but could not bring myself to get that done, noting the complicated and beautiful way the skirt is finished. So it remained stored away in one of my plastic bins. Until I found the size 0 (yay!). And thus the size 2 is was offered up for the price I paid for the size 0: $75 + $5 to help with PP fees and shipping cost.


  1. I am very interesested in talking to you about purchasing this skirt, I asssure you I will love it as much as you. Please contact me at

  2. Thanks for your interest, MJ. And I will definitely contact you! It's a gorgeous skirt so I'm happy to give the details. And for anyone who remembered I was supposed to talk about a different item for Thowback Thursday, I changed the agenda because I thought this was the perfect item to kick off the season.

  3. I freaking love this skirt... I have it but I have yet to wear it. Perhaps to a holiday party next week!

  4. J.CrewJD - I'm the same, love but haven't yet worn and plan to for the holidays! How are you planning to style your skirt?

  5. That is a very good question! I think it'd like really sharp with black on top but I really don't have that many black tops. I am honestly not sure how I'll wear it... I will just stand by the closet until something jumps out at me I suppose!

  6. J.CrewJD - ;)
    I made a polyvore set of one of my ideas for the skirt. Look for it on the sidebar, maybe it will trigger something!

  7. Lovely suggestions, tiffany rose! I've never worn a white shirt for a formal look but am really loving that idea.

    I'm so glad you pointed out the finishing. Unmatched seams are a pet peeve of mine but I've noticed recently it's really hard to find garments in any price range that are nicely matched, especially plaids.

    Too bad I can't squeeze into a 2, but I'm pretty sure that is not happening. :S Congrats on finding your correct size!!

  8. mommydearest - thanks! What about a tuxedo shirt? ;) I recall one of my girlfriends just after college who was gorgeous and had a killer body wearing a simple white shirt and tuxedo pants to an event when most would have worn a sexy dress. She looked stunning.

    I used to sew and I can't tell you how many seams I ripped out and restitched because the stripes didn't match up exactly. I hate to admit it's no longer something I count on from JC, even for Collection.

    Thanks and I'll keep watching for your size on this skirt!

  9. What a beaut this skirt is! Oh you have beautiful old school J Crew items, hmm, in my some, you're lucky you're not round the corner!

  10. Tabitha - we'd get into so much trouble if you were just around the corner, the enabling and resulting shopping damage would make our husbands cuckoo. I do have some treasures and I'll drag them out over time!


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