Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's the Little Things

Meet Sunny. I picked him up one day on impulse. Thought he'd make a fun little impromptu gifty for husby. Little did I know how perfect that was. Unbeknownst to me, husby was feeling blue that day and Sunny added the needed cheer and has been a favorite desk buddy ever since.

It's not always a major thing that makes a big difference. (How's that for a segue?) I was drawn to this Spindrift sweatshirt for its bold stripes and striking blue color. And when it went a little wacko on Polyvore, took it for a sign I must have it. As many have found, it's a heavy tee not a sweatshirt. Still, I love the bold stripes I love the striking blue color. I love the sensuously thick slub knit. But! I don't love the price (it's $52 with the recent 20% off sale). And here's the kicker (and the reason it's being kicked back) ... one of the stripes doesn't match up.

From my perspective, a $50+ tee better be perfect. Though the misalignment is slight and probably no one else would notice, these little things bug me.

I may try again with the hope of getting one more carefully constructed. And now I have a small confession to make (seems I'm baring my soul a lot lately) ... enabled by you, you and you, I cheated on a long-time relationship! {gasp!}

And I've committed big time: Final Sale. 
What little things bug you? What do you think about my pick ups? And did you get any goodies recently from KS?


  1. I'd sell a kidney to get my mitts on the faux fur pullover from Kate Spade, I'm going to endlessly stalk Ebay!
    I love your picks, everyone did so well. I also wish I could wear my hair like the models above, I tried it but nit good with my giant forehead.

    The little thing that bugs me - inconsistency at Starbucks - it drives me batty, I'm forever getting them to remake my drink, they hate me !

    1. Oh me too Tabitha! I've already gone there to see if one is already for sale but nothing. I hope we don't scrap over one.

      Isn't she darling? I wish I could wear my hair up at all let alone like that.

      Ha! I've never thought about sending a drink back at Starbucks. My (tiger) mother taught me to be a perfectionist and too many things drive me batty. Stripes not lining up across seams is one of them.

  2. That's a cute baby chicky.

    The shoes you got are sooooooooooooo cute! They're totally gonna work out and so is that top. I've seen it in person and it's really cute. I've got a good feeling about this. Looking forward to your report :)

    1. Sunny said oh shucks thanks.

      I hope so, they look basic enough but pretty. And still with a sensible heel ... and I was surprised to find the top still around, I've heard good things about it. I can't wait to get the stuff but like you said, could be an expensive new relationship starting ... eeeeeeeee!

  3. Thank you for the mention, Tiffany Rose! I think you are going to love the Bow Ellis sweater. It is so pretty IRL. Please let me know what you think of it once it arrives. :)

  4. Thank YOU for coming by FFM! I think I'm going to love the Bow Ellis too. I will definitely do an update when I get it!


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