Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TBD Tuesday

It was Make It Work Monday yesterday but also MUSTHAVE Monday with the start of JC's 30% off sale items promotion good through Sunday. I don't know whether to say yay or oh no ... not doing very well with trying to cut waaay back on my shopping.  :(
All of these things are of course TBD until I have them in hand.
Sequined things are my weakness.
As are metallic jacquards.
If you read my recent Throwback Thursday post, you know how I feel about animal print.
This item is likely going to end up the topic of an upcoming What Was I Thinkin' Wednesday post.


  1. So far I have resisted. There is only one thing I want from the sale section and it is steadfastly refusing to pop back in my size!

    Can't wait to hear the report on your goodies.

  2. Desert Flower, wish I could say I resisted. I'll definitely report back and at some point I need to do some IRL pics too. So you are stalking ... what's the item you're looking for?


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