Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thowback Thursday - Spencer Mary Janes and ...

:( while playing around with a potential posting last night, I completely forgot to bid on these shoes -- the Spencer patent-trimmed crackle-metallic mary janes! So mad at myself! I've been stalking them for about a year, hoping they'd show up in my size since they're from a couple years back. These were even unworn in perfect condition. I could kick myself remembering when I passed on them in the sale section online. So an all-points bulletin out for size 5.5, 6 or 6.5 ... please?

Last week I hinted Thursday's postings might be devoted to things from the good ol' days and although these shoes might qualify, what I really had in mind was something like this ...
I'm sorry to be a tease, but what you're seeing is a glimpse of the fabric and the pure silk lining of a jacket. I promise to do more with this in two weeks ... next Thursday is Thanksgiving and I won't want to get any turkey grease on this beautiful thing.

BUT! Dontcha think those shoes (see above) I missed out on would work with this jacket?!?!?


  1. Sorry you missed those shoes! That's why I use esnipe. I set a bid for the most I'm willing to pay and walk away.

  2. I coulda shoulda. It's one of those things I thought I could keep afta since I WAS at the computa. :( lessons learned.

  3. I am with you- I wear a 6 also and occasionally I have looked for these shoes. They will come up again, don't worry. I have the pumps in gold and silver and LOVE them. MAybe JCrew will bring them around again?,,,

  4. @MJ - I'm SO envious! I hope they do come up again although my hopes are not high the longer it goes. And I don't think JC will bring them back :( I'm going to let it go from my mind (but continue to be on the lookout). Good to hear you enjoy yours :)


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