Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coulda Shoulda

Remember the J.Crew chiffon rose tee craze a few years back?
It was nutty what people were willing to pay to own one after they sold out. Gosh, you could've made a bunch of money buying multiples at the eventual sale price of $19.99 and selling them for $100+ at that online auction site. Crazy!

So fast forward to a couple months ago when I first heard about
the Kate Spade Journal Newspaper Clutch.
Since I work with reporters, my first thought was,
"how cute would it be to carry this to a media event!"
(My ready imagination for fantasy occasions gets me into shopping obsessions too too often.)
It's made to look like a rolled-up newspaper (look at the edges that look so real!).
And come on, how fun are the headlines ("Silver Lining Spotted Mid-rainstorm,”
“Traders Pick Gold Lamé As Solid Investment -- Stock Prices Soar” and
“Cocktail Hour Is To Be Formally Observed -- City Planner Says 'Cheers' to Ground-breaking Legislation”).
Little did I know it had sold out. Though it was originally priced at $125,
people were willing to pay way more than $300 at that online auction place,
if you could even find one up for bid.
With a heavy sigh ... after much hunting,
I decided to give up.

The journal clutch, evidently, was the previous edition (pun intended, har har).
Enter the KS Travel Magazine Clutch, inspired by vintage magazines.
I kept running across it during my search for the journal clutch.
And repeatedly dismissed it, not wanting to settle for close but not it.
It was only after I concluded the journal clutch was not going to be found for anything close to reasonable price did I reluctantly get it (at the time, the magazine clutch was less than half its original $298 price and I also had a good extra discount to apply).

The clutch is the most impractical "handbag" ever.
It's made of Tyvek and will not hold up to wear and tear;
it would likely sustain noticeable damage if dropped or wet.
It holds almost nothing: I struggle to get it closed with just my BlackBerry,
a tube of lipstick, a very small and flat wallet and a couple keys in it.
Total frivolity.
However ... just how cute is it?
To look like you're holding a magazine when it's your bag.
I've also decided, in some ways, the more colorful cousin
of the journal clutch is a better execution, especially when opened:
Instead of red lining under the flap, it looks like a page or back cover.
At some point during the past week or so, it sold out too.
I just watched one sell for $300 plus $9 shipping, another one is at $220
with eight bids and 20 more hours before the auction closes.

I could've purchased at least five when I bought mine, I had
wondered if the "value" would go the way of the journal clutch.
Tell me, what would you have done?
Was it worth throwing money at this (virtually) throwaway purse?
Did you miss this clutch or is it a miss?


  1. Oh they were all the rage when I was a teenager, I loved my magazine clutch more than anything back in the day and I used it for years.

    1. Somehow I missed the last go round on the magazine clutch. It's a clever cute idea, I'll have fun with it.

  2. We're shoe twins. And I love your pants. I think the magazine clutch is fun. I had one from my mom from the 70s. I also struggled to fit things into it. But boy did it look cool. Like yours.

    1. We are shoe twins, did you know it was due to your love for the Evie oxford peep toes that got me to these?!

      The clutch is almost useless but yes, very cool. ;) It's so cool to have one from your mom!

  3. I bought a KS newspaper iPad cover at the KS outlet, no headlines, just almost-real want ads. The inside has pockets!

    1. I was tempted by the items with the want ads, I think they say funny things? Drooling at the thought of a KS outlet ...

  4. I love this clutch, and your outfit!!!

    1. Thanks so much! A few co-workers wanted to steal my clutch. ;)

  5. I love the clutch, it is such a chic look!

    1. It was not why I wanted it but I heard the clutch was seen on the red carpet!

  6. That is such a fun clutch! I've been eyeballing some of Kate Spade's novel clutches but never considered these before - the multitude of hues go with a ton!

  7. I agree, it's very adorable. I missed on Rose tee, then got it in Black on auction (paid original price) and then resold it fro the same price so someone else an enjoy it too. :))

    1. Nice ... you got to enjoy the rose tee for essentially no cost to you and then got to pass on the love. ;)

  8. I just saw this. I have this tee but haven't worn it for years-I guess I need to clean out my drawers more often- thanks for reminding me! LOVE the clutch- I think you will use it more than you think. Plus, it obviously brings a smile to your face whenever you think about. I can think of a few pairs of shoes that do that and I will keep them forever

    1. Hi MJ. I forget some of my old favorites too and I'm planning to wear this tee again soon. I love the clutch and don't regret one bit for getting it. Good point, I love the things that make you smile. You'll have to show the shoes, they must be so much fun.


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