Thursday, January 12, 2012

Café Capri in Harvest Tweed

Husby said "Whoa, you can't miss you in those!" J.Crew described the material as "fabulous technicolor tweed" and my reaction was {I love this!}  
I'm talking about the Café Capri in Harvest Tweed in the camel coral color choice. Hmm ... camel coral sounds pretty tame but as you can see from my close up pic, it's much closer to technicolor. With so much going on, I decided a plain white shirt was in order. Had considered a chambray to prove its universal appeal and try to knock off two objectives at once (read: making a dent into the many chambray/denim shirt reviews still to come). And here's why I couldn't make that work in the 4.5 minutes I had to get dressed before heading out the door:
  1. Of all the café capris I've tried recently, these are the most close fitting.
  2. The chambray shirt that worked from a tonal perspective was too oversized to tuck and too sloppy looking to leave untucked for wearing with the jacket; and incompatible with factor #1.
  3. Chambray seemed like too much texture for this mess mix.
I wore them with a white shirt, Charlie ruffled suede platform mary janes and vintage 2005 blazer of Robert Noble Scottish wool. The jacket is from back in the day when you were delighted by the interior for all its piping, grosgrain ribbon and tie silk glory. And look ... this one has leather buttons embossed with a horse design.

[But back to the capris ...] The technicolor tweed is a lot of texture and a lot of look! The fabric -- 35% polyester, 30% acrylic, 23% nylon, 12% wool -- is deceivingly lightweight, and probably a good thing since the dimensional pattern adds visual heft. The pants are well constructed and fully lined.

There're only one-and-a-half complaints I have. The cloth is loosely woven so it gets lumpy/bumpy after a day's wear. But! I forgive that as well as the non-natural fibers. Because they're a little wild. They are different. They are the things J.Crew does that keeps me coming back for more.

And I'm quoting Gigi again ... J.Crew, I can't quit chu!


  1. Oh don't you love those little 'husby' comments? They take a pin and burst our lovely pink fashion balloon, usually just before we go out the door!
    What a gorgeous mix of colours, the shoes and jacket are so perfect with the capris.

  2. I love the blazer! The buttons are so unique. Great outfit.

    My husband loves weighing in on my outfits or new purchases. He's actually had some very good suggestions and great comments!

  3. i just found your blog.
    love the capris on you.shades of coral are my favorite fashion-color!

  4. I like them very much and I love your jacket too. My husband rarely says anything about my clothes so when he does I really notice! (Like the plaid capri pants I returned!)

  5. Tabitha - Thanks! I love the colors of the tweed, it's like a fiery sunset. Husby actually liked the pants, but he likes loud pants like me! ;)

  6. Desert Flower - The buttons are what threw me over the edge on that jacket, I've never seen buttons like that.

  7. Ina - thank you! You might like the capris but know the colors are intense. I tend to think of coral as a soft color. Thanks for stopping by and I'll visit you too!

  8. DaniBP - Then it was a good thing you returned those plaid capris. My husby thought the plaid capris were "cool." I wonder what your husband would say about these crazy ones?!

  9. The shoes are gorgeous with those pants! I got this in a skirt, and love the fabric as well.

  10. Thanks for your review of these! I actually bought these during their 30% off sale price, and, well, I haven't even tried them on yet! But I will today! I love how you paired them with that gorgeous jacket! I was envisioning wearing them with a natural/light camel color cashmere top I bought during a super reduction at Talbots. I remember they showed these paired with a neon azalea sweater (which I have 3 varieties of) but I think that would be TOO much technicolor for me! LOL
    I love your pics - thank you for sharing!

  11. Thanks, Rose! Who'd thunk when I got them a year ago they'd be perfect with these pants? I think the fabric is fun and will be fabulous for not wrinkling. Enjoy your skirt!

  12. Suzy, did you try them? What do you think? The camel cashmere sounds yummy with these. The colors trigger a lot of ideas! Know what chu mean by neon azalea being too much but think how useful if you are stranded on an island and have to catch the attention of a passing plane. ;) Thank YOU for stopping by!


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