Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MIW: Inspired by Looks We Love

So cute! But! I don't have the coat and I don't wear minis ...

Over the weekend, I figured how a few things from my closet can come together for a resemblance. And since it was projected to dip below 60°F for our daily high and since I'm a big wimp when it comes to cold temps, today was the day for this look.

It was a little drizzly and not the best day for a white skirt but I was determined to wear it. Because it's not everyday I'm prepared with all the pieces for an outfit. Especially a skirt outfit. Especially on a Monday.

The little bit of spitting from the sky did no damage to the sturdy double-serge wool. If I had black boots of similar proportions, I'd have worn them. But maybe this makes things more interesting. At least that's what I told myself.

All I know is I loved how warm and cozy I was all day.

And isn't husby getting a lot better at being my blog photographer?!


  1. great recreation of the outfit!
    i would love to own a plaid coat too.

  2. Hi Ina. Thanks! That coat is cute, isn't it?

  3. you look fantastic! I like the boots you chose for the outfit, more interesting then black.

  4. aww... thank you, coffeegirl257! I needed that vote of confidence.

  5. Love this. What a great inspired by outfit. The skirt is great, I really like the light color with dark tights. Chic!

  6. Thanks, Gigi! Will be putting this on a favorites list ..

  7. Desert Flower - I love the double-serge wool pencil skirts and until the inspiration, would have not thought to wear this ivory one with dark tights!


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