Friday, January 27, 2012

Café Capri in Leopard Jacquard

Here's another pair of "capri" pants. I have it in quotes because they are not very cropped at all as you can see.

They are the café capri cast in a vibrant leopard "jacquard." Again, I am using quotes because they're not really a jacquard.

A true jacquard is a raised design or pattern woven into a fabric. Although the leopard pattern on these pants are raised, the designed is machine embroidered on as opposed to woven in. See close up below.

I was hoping they'd be a silk blend but the base fabric is polyester {horrors!} and the embroidery is viscose. They are not lined.

These are longer and bigger than other capris from this season. Two inches longer in the inseam and the rise (original fit). And they are roomy. Guess that'd come in handy if I went to a Vegas buffet and want to take a couple of porterhouse with me. I know that sounds messy but these are machine washable.
I'm wearing them with the Charlie ruffled suede platform mary janes in a color I thought long and hard about and only bought because I liked the style and there were no other colors left in my size. They've turned out to be a great color for many things in my wardrobe. See.

The other item is the chambray tuxedo-pleat shirt. It's a wonderful compromise of chambray and tuxedo pleating and one of my very favorites.
It's also the beginning of the chambray/denim shirt throwdown! 


  1. Lovely images! Love your outfit! xoxo

  2. I'm glad I read your review. I like the pattern but always thought capri wouldn't be too " wearable" for Canadian winters. If it's longer, I may reconsider it. Thanks so much!

  3. Patricia Snook - thanks and thanks so much for visiting here!

  4. Small Town Gal - the material is not thick and warm. However, they are definitely longer. In my size, they are 29 inches in the inseam while the others are at 27. I like leopard too and forgot to say the pattern seem to change colors when light hits the fabric.

  5. Those pants are awfully cute and look great with those shoes!


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