Sunday, May 20, 2012


Sometimes there's not much difference between XS and XXS.
And sometimes if the sweater is made long and slouchy,
going up a size makes it a ... tunic!

I didn't mean to. It's what was left since I waited until
they had dropped to the lowest price and my size was gone.
I got the next size up, liking the idea of stripes made giant and
done in an unusual, rather sophisticated color combination.

I'm petite height but wearing the regular length Minnie pant in bi-stretch wool.
I was able to get my preferred size though I waited until multiple cuts
brought them down to the price of lunch.

The Corso Como 'Del Quilted' Pump were once a featured item
at the top of the page of the wonderful Gigi's Gone Shopping.
 With spotty sizes left, I ordered the single pair that's 1/2 up from my normal size while crossing fingers they'd work as that size
had at times. And two days later, got the 
sorry-we're-out-of-stock email.

Good thing.

Because my size came up a few weeks later
from which I learned the 1/2 size bigger would not have worked.

Sometimes, it's just meant to be. Don't you think?


  1. Hi nice to meet you, found you through Tabitha's blog. That sweater looks so elegant with the trou, love the colours

    1. Hi Jody. And very pleased to meet you and so glad you did. I'm thinking the sweater will be useful come Thanksgiving dinner. Those are fall colors, are they not? ;)

  2. The Corso Comos look so cute! I love mine. You do a great job of photographing tall. ;)

  3. I look tall in my pics?! Oh I must tell husby! He's asked if anyone's ever complimented his photography.


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