Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shoes and Bags Clearance at Brooks Brothers

Thanks to xoxo at Will Work 4 Shoes, I was alerted to
the quality of Brooks Brothers some time ago.
I just came across their Weekend Online Clearance Event
with selected HANDBAGS and SHOES at 70% off.
This quilted lambskin beauty, for example, is $104.40 for now.
And this calfskin pump (with leather lining and sole) is $59.40 as another example of the pricing in the 70% off section.

And not final sale.
Happy shopping?


  1. Great prices, Brooks Brothers have an outpost in Edinburgh but boy oh boy, it is a fortune here, what with the mark up.

    1. Aren't these prices good? Especially compared to their full retail and what looks to be very good material and construction. Do you mean the Edinburgh pricing to be higher than the U.S.? What about being able to have things shipped to you from the online sale?


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