Sunday, February 5, 2012

Denim Western Shirt and Pony Skirt

Yeehaw! Husby asked why I'm not wearing cowboy boots (these are the Tenley high-heel midboots). After all, I'm wearing the denim western shirt and the pony skirt.

The skirt may be a size too big for me since it's huge around the waist. There's plenty room for two layers tucked (thermals under the heavy shirt, heehee) and I added the belt to hold the skirt higher, although it would be even better if the belt had another hole or two punched. There are panels of calf skin and substantial merino wool knit that make for a slick shape to the skirt.

This is not this denim western shirt, but one from summer 2011 in a lighter wash. From what I can tell, mine is the same cut and details as the current version, except for the extra rows of decorative stitching on the pockets (see close-up pic). And obviously the current version is a darker color.

I'm awfully tempted to get the new one too since I love mine. I love the western yoke and mother-of-pearl snaps and princess seaming in the back and the heavy but soft feel of the broken-in denim and especially that it fits closer than most of the chambray and denim shirts and comes in 00. 

But! I'm doubtful about the current one: while I'm OK with some degree of prefading, I cannot tolerate fading that's very obviously artificial. From the looks of the online pics, there's too much contrast between the light and dark.

Knowing me, I'd probably have to hunt down authentic indigo and try my hand at overdyeing it or take a sandpaper to it to ease the demarcation.

It would become another project in the good intentions pile. What do you think?


  1. I love denim shirts and am on the hunt, I prefer yours, I think the new one is a bit dark. I lived in mine back in the 80's.

  2. I love love that pony skirt.
    I have The JeanShop dark denim shirt from JCrew and I really like it, it is very stiff though, not the least bit soft.

  3. Tabitha - oh I'd love to live in these shirts. What details are you hunting for? I've tried at least a dozen so I'll be reviewing them ...

  4. Dani - the pony skirt is special and a nice longer length for you taller leggy girls! I have the same Jean Shop denim shirt and know exactly what you mean. I like mine a lot too.

  5. Oh I actually think the one your wearing is pretty perfect, it's all about the blue for me, it needs to be that lovely mid blue, not too dark oh and reading Dani's comment - it has to be soft.

    Oh the old folk and then the badger of courage - I can't tell you how many times I've looked at the badger's little face and felt my heart leap.

  6. Tabitha - maybe the little badger is bringing out your mothering instincts, he is darling. This denim shirt is soft indeed, not the crunchy feel of the other one Dani and I also have. But there is something I really love about the Jean Shop shirt too.

  7. Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by! If you love dark denim, I'll be featuring more in the coming weeks. To me, these shirts are like jeans, there are reasons to have different shades of blue. ;)


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