Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick and Dirty

A Few of My Favorite Prints

A Few of My Favorite Prints by tiffanyrose featuring a floral print skirt

... documentation of (some) JC bests:
  1. Giverny
  2. Golden Roses
  3. Paintbrush Floral
  4. Italian Deco
  5. Campo De' Fiori
  6. Vintage Violet
  7. Kaleidoscope Paisley
  8. Florentine
  9. Cherry Blossom
I'm singing a song from The Sound of Music from that jukebox in my head ...


  1. I love this---it's great to see them all lined up together, although my real weakness is for their paisleys, and I bitterly regret having let some of them slip through my fingers!

  2. You've chosen some beautiful prints! Giverny is my all time favorite.

  3. Wow these are all J.Crew? I love all the pants!

  4. Thanks, Sue. JC does good paisleys, I never thought I'd love crazy pants the way I do until the kaleidoscope. You put it so well ... bitter regrets!

  5. Desert Flower - do you love Monet? Though I didn't put these items in preference order, Giverny is my very favorite too, I own the top, skirt and dress.

  6. Katherine - yes they all are! After I got over feeling very "loud," I love wearing the prints in a pant.

  7. Clearly I'm missing some goodies in my crazy pants collection!

  8. Hi gigi - we should compare notes. And wait until you see my next ... ummm ... suggestion. ;)


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