Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Buttoned Up Sequins

Per  reader request, I paired the Collection sequin colorblock tank
with the café capri in wool. While she thought these things for
upcoming holiday events, I wore this to work. Yes indeedy I did.
I felt a little bit like Tabitha's giraffe because hardly anyone batted an eye.
It was just me attempting a human disco ball. Again.
The rectangle sequins give an interesting effect. But!
I just noticed the sequins are not as as densely placed as "advertised."
See for yourself:
Or maybe once worn, or even taken out of the package,
the sequins go every which way askew to look more sparse.
I don't think so though but I still like the top.
 If you're the type who has to straighten every sequin, do not get this top. Trust me, it's impossible and you'll only lose your mind trying.
You must just go with it.
Everything else is pretty much as described, including being of viscose.
(The polka-dot sequin top that was incorrectly described now has its description corrected to cotton.)
And I'm risking the look of floods wearing the regular length
backordered forever navy wool capri pants because
I can never get comfortable with the petite length.
This post was meant to go on to the shoes and my favorite little
clothes steamer but I ran out of steam (ha! knee slapper!) so I'm afraid
there will be a part two and possibly three to come.
A parting phrase was also gonna happen but why is it
almost every everyday expression has something nasty
attached to it by the Urban Dictionary?


  1. I always love a good knee slapper. Askew sequins can be a deal breaker. I've grown more accustomed to the ones that flip. These swingy ones would drive me nuts. This tank was really pretty in the retail only tan/creme color. I like yours w/the button down. I think the regular length look fine. I have to take those in most cases, esp since the rise fits better. Urban Dictionary. Definitely not large, leather bound and on a pedestal, but can be useful.

    1. The knee slapper was for you, gigi.

      Good thing I called them out, seems there are more sequin OCD tendencies than not. I heard about the retail only combo but never made it to the stores to buy. Ah yes, the Urban Dictionary is quite useful, I find myself checking to see I don't say something rude when not intended.

  2. Oh -- have you tried the collection luxe silk crepe top, the long sleeve one?

    1. Do you mean the one that looks like a button down shirt? I love the silk on that one, qualifies for sumptuous. Let me know if there's anything I can answer for you on that top.

  3. Love this! i may even steal it today, if you don't mind, as i didn't sleep last night and I think sequins are just the thing for someone who hasn't slept!

    Like you, I do not wear the cafe capris in petite. I don't like that length on me (I actually bought a cotton pair in petites this past summer) and in the winter, it is almost impossible to find a pair of boots you can wear with that length! I actually just ordered the cafe capris in navy wool on the weekend, when I realized I had lots of fancy pants, and some nice trousers, but that I could benefit from the navy version and it was 30% off so a great price. I am actually contemplating the pink herringbone capris - they are now down to $69 CDN minus today's 25%. I need to decide what to order, as DH wants to give me something from JC, but he is not to be trusted to do this by himself!

    Have a great and sparkling day!

    1. Have a great and sparkling day! I love that. Oh please steal away, I heard you did and hope that helped you some today.

      I have tried a couple petite cafe capris and don't like them either. I think they make me feel and look shorter. I just picked up the pink herringbone capris. Maybe we are meant to be twinsies. ;)

  4. I like how you've made the top work appropriate. Very nice! I would not be able to live with the askew sequins, so it's not for me. I have a sequin tank from a few years ago. They are only on the front and I spend a good 1/2 hour straightening them all out before I put it on!

    1. Thanks! Maybe under a jacket it would be more work appropriate. ;) It was cool that morning and I wanted to wear my long sleeve thermal top and thus the shirt over that.

      I'm afraid it would take much longer than 1/2 hour to straighten all the sequins on this top and even if you get there, it will only last for about a nanosecond.

  5. I laughed at your comment about straightening every sequin. I have very few sequin items but when I wear them I am always checking to ensure the sequins are laying flat so this would definitely drive me batty.

    Can't wait to see your steamer post. My ancient Franzig recently died and I tried a Rowenta travel version that was terrible so I look forward to your recommendation.

    1. As soon as I took the top out of the package I realized it's not a fight I would win. I don't expect every sequin to be in place but this one is definitely every sequin for itself.

      Which Rowenta did you try? Was it the Ultrasteam Brush or the Compact Steam Iron?

  6. I love the look, TR! Thanks so much for putting it together for me... :)

    I'm still contemplating whether or not I can live with "askew" sequins. We'll see. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. You're quite welcome. It made my decision for what to wear that day so much easier. ;)

      You'll have to accept haphazard sequins to like this top but I think it's a fun look.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  7. Love how you've paired it with that white shirt - totally unexpected and chic! I know what you mean about the sequin thing, I do have a sweater with wee sparkles which is very comfy but waiting for the day when one of them falls off.

    1. Thanks, Jody!

      The question is whether you will sew the loose sparkles back or just keep the intention to do so. ;)

  8. I like those sequins and I think they look cute on you!

    1. Thanks very much, Rose! I kind of like how they are a little different.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Handbag Aficionado! I'm flattered.


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