Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yes I Did

In my defense, it was casual Friday.
In addition, it was hot, I was tired and didn't feel like going to work.
Plus, look what they're showing on the red carpet, is that a pseudo briefcase clutch to suggest a look for the workplace? 
And looky here:
And here:
So it wasn't too big of a leap to get here:
Can you imagine this with the furry slipper stilettos xoxo found?
Jody did a lot better, see here.
But my PJ bottoms won't get farther than the mailbox.
And only if quick and no one else is around.
Is that matching motorcycle helmet and loafers
I see the blond wearing with her jammies?
Like Jody, I thought I wouldn't contribute to the PJs as daywear trend. But now it feels like I've just participated in "the wave" at a game.
(Don't like it, especially during a baseball game. How distracting to the players and
how can one watch the game if watching that going around?)
Would you or wouldn't you?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Day Sunshine

Remember when I reviewed the keeper chambray shirt?
This shirt looks just like it but it is not.
It's the factory classic chambray shirt and one of the very best buys
when on sale with an extra percentage off (like it is nowfrom time to time).
Though the factory shirt does not come in petite, I was surprised to find the XXS exactly the same size as the keeper chambray in petite 00 except the sleeves are 0.375 inches longer.
In almost every way, I much prefer the factory version:
  1. The fabric is not as obviously distressed and well worn as if you've had it forever.
  2. The fabric is substantial and feels more like a denim shirt.
  3. Due to the above two reasons, the shirt has a neater, crisper look.
The two shirts have the exact same design and details, but you can see the keeper on the right "spent countless summers in the sun."
Pocket details: factory on the left and the keeper on the right.
Collar and placket: factory on the left and the keeper on the right.
The closer-to-the-edge topstitching on the keeper's collar
(and cuffs) is the only sewing detail I found different.
Grey blue factory shirt on the left and slightly brighter blue, more worn out keeper on the right.
So on the summer solstice, I wore the factory shirt with
my favorite happy crazy jeans (on the left) to lunch with friends.
The sunny colors of the pants remind me of ...
See the Jacaranda trees with the almost bare branches?
I should have taken a pic a few weeks ago when they were completely covered in flowers, you can still see some of the lovely blooms.
Husby and I also played some golf.
He got an Eagle while I tried to not chop up the course
or land in the water.
I did some weeding and found this guy.
Does it photograph tall? It's the exact same height as me.
(How did the gardeners miss it?)
We then split a beer on the patio.
It was a really good day.
This is for you, J.CrewJD.
And how goes the sunshine where you are, everybody?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Double Double

Of all chambray shirts, I wear the perfect shirt in chambray polka dot the most. It's a chambray shirt and that's the current style gel top
(as opposed to the grey T-shirt of recent past, for example).
With subtle dots and no distressing, the shirt is dressy enough
for the office and makes a good play at pattern mixing
(worn here with the not-so-subtle cropped matchstick jean in indigo floral).
Thought I was smart and frugal picking up a back-up when the factory classic button-down shirt in dotted chambray went to sale
and an excellent extra percentage off came along.
The above pics show the side-by-side comparison fit-wise for
size 00 retail on the left and XXS factory on the right.
A close-up of the fabrics used.
Retail (lower left portion) is a brighter blue leaning toward royal
and has slightly larger dots. The factory (upper right)
is a grey blue material that's not as silky or drapey.
The fabric underbelly tells a good tale.
Retail dots are woven in while the factory prints its dots
(the print is on the surface and thus doesn't go through to the back of the material).
Here's what happens when they're washed and dried on hot.
With one sleeve down to show shrinkage and nope I don't iron
Bottomline: while I like the factory version well enough for
its own merits, for me, it's not serving as a replacement/back-up
of the retail chambray polka dot shirt.
Darn. Because it would be a danged good deal.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Have A Nice Day

There's no place like home.
Unlike others who chronicle glamorous locales,
I'm documenting the airports I've experienced over the past month
by code: LAW, DFW, HSV, IAH, CLT, COS, DEN (ha I'm a jetsetter).
Did you know the Denver International Airport has
tornado shelters via many of its restrooms?
And while one of my destinations was forecasted to be in the mid to high 80s, I was glad to have packed my trusty wool thermal top because
it dropped to the 40s daytime during my stay.
Take this, Tabitha, xoxo, WFF and the rest of you
who traverse exotic and scenic places.
I also never travel without one of these dust bags for shoes.
It's perfect for a rolled/folded lightweight puffer vest in my carry-on.
With thermals under T-shirts, scarf and trench (not shown),
I did just fine withstanding the unexpected cold and wind, 
not even needing the puffer.
Don't believe the reviews, trust the steady traffic by Harlon's BBQ at the George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport.
I've had the chopped beef sandwich twice, it's delish.
One more travel tip :) ... instead of another heavy meal at
a possible tourist trap restaurant ...
I asked my hotel to do a fresh vegetable sauté for my dinner.
That too was delish.
I'm looking forward to catching up with y'all a bit.
What's the outlook for you this week?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Date with a Magpie

Over a span of 31 days, I'm home for just 15.
Getting a lot of experience packing, see thisthis and this;
I seem to be stuck in a rut with navy for business travel.
Husby and I tend to be homebodies.
But on this day we went to a baseball game.
Followed by dinner not made by moi.
Eager to be breaking out, do you think I over did it by piling on
a sequin tee and mirror metallic shoes with WMM endorsed
fancy pants that are the love child of Liberace and Marie Antoinette?