Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sequester These Sequins

This is not working for me.
I don't think the outfit is doing her any favors and
there's no chance it would flatter me.
Not that I'd try this skirt and yes I like sequins.
But I've been meh on colorblocking and it looks much too long.
Is it styled wrong or too big or is it the semi-tuck?
No better from the back, could be even worse.
Plus, it's $695.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

When Too Much Might Be Too Much

Inspired by this look,
I piled on some vintage necklaces.
What do you think?

Don't worry, I did not go out and about like this.
It's only for you, my bloggie buddies. ;)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sucker for Selvedge

Maybe it's because I'm in marketing I fall for the marketing hype.
Anybody remember how just about every fabric J.Crew uses comes from some remote village in the foothills somewhere making whatever specialty lace, jacquard or tweed for hundreds of years?
So while doing due diligence for the ultimate chambray-
denim shirt smackdown, I had to try this one.
Posting to get the correct Polyvore image
because what you save is not always what you get.
A selvedge (Merriam-Webster prefers selvage, which bothers my logic since the word is from self+edge) is the bound edge of woven or flat-knitted fabric finished to prevent raveling. As a former seamstress,
I appreciate its beauty and strength and if a garment makes good use
of it, I'm usually a goner. Here's what got me:
This heirloom-worthy shirt has authentic details inspired by vintage workwear from the 1930s,
and the Japanese selvedge cotton chambray is the best there is (we stonewash ours for
that perfect worn-in look and feel). Casually chic with a longer shirttail hem and
a slightly oversize fit, it's cool and classic at the same time.
Not only is it selvedge chambray, but authentic details ...
vintage workwear from the 1930s and heirloom-worthy?
I was sorely disappointed to find the selvedge used in three places.
A tiny piece stitched in between the front and back shirt tails.
Mine is from HO 11 and I can't spot this detail in the closeups of the current shirt.
To form the hidden button down under the collar.
Hint: don't try to button the collar while wearing the shirt, it will be a struggle.

Along one placket, used improperly IMO since it's a separate piece stitched on
and not even along the entire length of the placket.
Miffed, I fully intended to return the shirt but never got around to it.
So it's with me to this day and guess it's staying.
Wearing it this way to show you the fuller sleeves.
Wearing it with the Liberty toothpick jean in June's Meadow floral,
go to the larger of your pant sizes if you're debating. 

Trying for the casually chic.
Wearing with the cropped matchstick jean in indigo floral,
also recommend the larger of your pant sizes.
Warning: if you're petite and wearing flats,
don't wear it as a tunic untucked, it's not a good look.
Not sure it's a good look even if tucked, it's a little Vera B.
Still trying for the cool, classic, casual chic.
Wearing with the Liberty toothpick jean in Tresco floral, sized as June's Meadow.
I made fun of them when first released but seriously love them now.
One thing about the selvedge chambray shirt,
the fabric is fine and silky, finer and silkier than
any of the other chambray shirts I've tried.
And no distressing, which is a good thing in my book.
That's all folks for now. I'm going to publish before Blogger crashes again and makes me redo an hour's worth of stuff. :(

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sous Chef

Way before I was nine, my mom had me in the kitchen.
I was her prep cook and cut all the vegetables.
Slicing was one thing but I'd cringe whenever she
asked for carrots to be diced or julienned.
Needless to say, I developed a healthy respect for that
big and heavy, scary kitchen knife.
Would you believe I never once cut myself.
Since I did it every day, I got quite good at it.
A pile of onion slivers gets done chop, chop.
A winter squash and its hard skin is no match when
I'm determinedly wielding my cleaver.
There's beauty in a burdock root when sliced,
especially on the diagonal.
And beauty is easy to find in vegetables like rainbow chard.
I never read the book but I'm certain mine was
the original tiger mother.
I'm awfully lucky she was.
Happy mother's day.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm Very Tall

Ho ho ho.
I'm kidding, of course. I'm not.
I'm only 5'2" or maybe just a tad taller.
But definitely shorter than 5'3".
This was an outtake from the time when husby did not
catch enough of the top part of the shirt for me to post.
It was the denim western shirt (as opposed to the western denim shirt ... so very confusing!). But I'll get to that on another post.
Since I'm not tall, petite sizing is of great interest to me,
especially when some things like chambray shirts tend to be oversized and I don't feel like going swimming.
After much crewlade, I got the petite keeper chambray shirt. In addition to regular, it comes as small as petite 00 and how can one go wrong when an entire "design team pored over ... archives in search of the best chambray shirt ... ever made?" With that kind of a buildup,
of course I had to be a little disappointed with the keeper.
It's fine, (and please excuse the next phrase but) it's what it is.
I thought it roomy for petite 00 (doesn't that sound like it should be tiny, tiny?).
It has button tab sleeves if you need help keeping the rolled sleeves up. And though it doesn't have button-down collars,
there is a button* at the back of the collar.
*This is known as the third collar button because it's usually on shirts with button-down collars.
Did you know button-down collars were introduced by Brooks Brothers in 1896? This is for you, xoxo :)
It's of a very soft and somewhat limp and lightweight chambray.
Well worn in its feeling and with obvious fading.
That's probably my least favorite part, the obvious fading.
I've never been crazy about conspicuous distressing.
Which brings me to the faded chambray popover.
It comes in alpha sizes and it too is available in petite. Here I have on the petite XX-small. As you can see, it's smaller than the keeper,
the sleeves are not nearly as long and the shoulders are
about 1/2 inch narrower. It's cut straighter and just a little wider
in the body to ease popping over when putting on.
It is also very soft and lightweight as the keeper, but with an
allover fading that is a lighter color than the keeper.
And as you can see, it is rather plain.
Even the collar points are kept clean with the option of
being buttoned down via a hidden contraption.
While the popover does not have the third collar button,
it has clever little button hole pockets underneath the collar.
Without a full placket or fussy pockets,
it works well for layering.
 I popped the Liberty schoolboy blazer in June's Meadow floral over it. And added a couple necklaces to make it more girly.
Who knew husby would love it when I'm dressed like a little man?