Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shoe Shew

It’s not my intent to enable. But if any of you are in *need* of a pair of ankle boots, ballet flats, espadrilles, flip flops, high tops, low tops, moccasins or mules, pumps, sandals or slippers, may I recommend where I’ll likely buy all my shoes for the rest of my life: It’s an Italian online shopping site with offices and operations in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and Hong Kong. ships to 100+ countries and offers free shipping on orders of $150+.  

In addition to fashion, yoox offers home furnishings/accessories, gifts and art but I’m stuck on the shoes. It’s a little sad to expose my shallow soul as almost every pair of shoes I’ve received from the splendid source has made me deliriously happy (such as the purple brogues above or the four pairs below).  
now sold out, sorry!
now sold out, sorry!
now sold out, sorry!
now sold out, sorry!
Most are Italian of delicious leather and lovely workmanship. I haven’t returned much and from a couple experiences, I’d vouch that “returns are fast and easy and customer care is best-in-class.” Though you only have 20 days to make your returns so you can't dither for too long.
these are fun

these are weird


now in size 8 only but only $69 before the discount!
From now until March 31, you get another 10% off on fashion (and that means shoes too!) by using WINTERSPRING10 in the yooxcode box when checking out. Plus, ebates is offering 9% right now for!  
I think I can understand how Imelda ended up with all her shoes.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Marching Forth

I've always thought March Fourth a commanding day: Go forth ... and step to it! So it seemed a good day to make a return to blogland after an unintentional break (let's just say the trail took a bad turn and let's just say it didn't make for a good look lol).

Though not the Shrimp Creole/Pork Chop Tchoupitoulas/Bread Pudding Soufflé with Whiskey Sauce
I had at Commander's Palace more than two decades ago, it's today's colorful lunch. Yummy.
It's also Mardi Gras, a day for celebration a day for a people party a day for purple so why not a post? (And I'm not masquerading to keep you in the dark about why I've been MIA, I'm only protecting the worry stones of someone very dear. It'd serve no positive purpose for him to know. Even if things turned out OK.)
Getting back to purple, and posts.

These are full brogues aka wingtips. They are pretty perfect.
One could easily post on what makes perfect shoes or why brogues are brogues
and what makes them full, semi, quarter or longwing ...
It was cool enough today to wear a sweater, so a purple one was in order (the colors are more intense IRL). I love the pattern and it's of good cashmere. {sigh I know I am so very very ovdue on that cashmere exposé I've promised, yet another post to come} It's way oversized as this is XXS, think it's an intended look. {another post idea: what is TTS?} I liked it and the look is better IRL even if I couldn't get a good OOTD selfie.
If the reverse side of a sweater looks anything like the above, be very gentle when pulling it on or off. Especially if over a shirt and for heaven's sake don't be wearing rings or bracelets while doing so. The yarn can easily catch on a button or a piece of jewelry and break if you continue the process. Speaking from experience.

Speaking of experience, 100% attention 100% of the time when driving (dad was is right, don't take anything for granted).
Give me another P ... some patience. It will take a little time to catch up with all of you. I've missed you, my friends.