Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunny Delight

Wearing yellow to cheer a Monday.
And linen because it's been and still sizzling hot in SoCal.
The Tessa top is cool and easy to toss on, if you don't mind looking
like you slept in it within minutes of wearing.
Such is the charm of linen.

Though I'm wild about animal print (ha!), I wasn't immediately
drawn to the Bennett cropped chino in snowcat. After the wardroberometer in my mind showed a few outfits of brights or white, black or chambray with the black-and-white print, I thought it worth a try since I'd also wondered for months about how the Bennett chino differed from plain old chinos.
As you can see they are full length not cropped on me, which I prefer.
The (97% cotton 3% spandex) fabric is quite substantial and stretchy, and along with the skinny fit, can make one feel as sleek as a cat.
I'm the crazy pants lady, I love these pants.

I think the shoes from Brooks Brothers are a fabulous buy at 50% off.
All-leather construction, lots of room in the toe box 
and a classic color combination and style.
I'm the crazy shoe lady, how can I resist these summer spectators?!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jean Shop Jeans

Way back in April, I first wore a pair of Jean Shop jeans.
These are exactly the same jeans 3.5 months later.
I've always had a thing for selvedge denim.
I love that each pair is made in New York and has a birth date.
And I like the idea of creating authenic wear and tear as opposed to
the ready distressing that never seems to "fit" me.
The first time I put on the size 25 Jean Shop jeans,
I thought they'd be returned for certain for being much too tight.
I called them sausage casings for my legs
(For reference, I take either 24 or 25 in J.Crew jeans but I've had some I couldn't get past my
knees and some that were much too baggy. I wear 00 capris or 0 petite full length J.Crew pants.)

I could get them on but I could barely get zipped in.
And I wondered if I'd be permanently debossed
with the markings of a pair of denim jeans.

However, after reading this, I gave them another chance.
And I'm so glad I did because they did stretch to be comfortable.
(I did some extra tugging at the waist band to loosen it.)
As for the length, they are long.
I am 5'2" and have them cuffed thrice.

I think the Jean Shop size 25 fits similar to J.Crew size 24.
The fit is between a toothpick and matchstick,
maybe closer to toothpick. 
After a bit of wear, the Jean Shop jeans conform to your body.

J.Crew jeans never seem to fit around the waist.
Almost always I have a significant gap around the waist band
that I've been conditioned to accept.

And I prefer unconditional love.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

It's not yesterday, today or tomorrow.
But it was recent.
 I wanted to share my treat with you, my bloggie buddies.
Because it's really good.
A little cotton string and tag to check commitment
(and yes, it's attached where you cannot replace it after removal).
Isn't she a beauty?
These are the second pair of Chies I got from here.
A great place to shop (once you get used to the navigation).
 This on the site made me laugh:
I see you like shoes. So do we.
I think we'll get along just fine.

Big sale ongoing. Free standard shipping.
Additional 10% off this weekend if you shop from your mobile.

Not trying to enable. But in case you wanted to know.