Friday, June 22, 2012

Sale on Sale

Kate Spade is having a special sale ending July 8:
an extra 25% off selected sale items.
I love the quirk and wit of KS.
How funny would it be to carry this to a Grand Slam event?
And pull out this coin purse.
These shoes are striking. Wish my size was available.
Pretty silk dress.

Some things are going fast. I missed out on a really cute short coat.
Very Audrey, and in a beautiful shade of blue. :(
What do you think, are you going to check out the sale?
Do tell!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meet Palmer

Two years ago, he and his wife started a family in our palm tree.
Until then, we hadn't noticed wild birds this pretty in our neighborhood.
I did some research and learned he is a Hooded Oriole. And if you know baseball, you'd understand why husby named him Palmer
(and it's not because the preferred tree for nesting is a palm).
In any case, Palmer and Mrs. Palmer would keep us entertained
with many trips flying back and forth to feed their little ones.
When the babies got older, the chirping as they vied to be fed would
wake us. Or be loud enough to disrupt our weekend coffee on the patio.
This was not pleasing to husby.
But when I explained the young birds were merely in their
noisy "teenager" phase and would soon be leaving home,
he seemed quite willing to put up with the racket.
Thank goodness I guessed correctly. The fledglings left after a week of especially boisterous teenage angst.
Before that, if he wasn't feeding his brood or helping to clean,
Palmer would be on guard.
It might be lonely.
Or cold.
But no matter. You can count on Palmer always at the ready.
To take off like a supersonic fighter jet with afterburners on,
should a blackbird or mockingbird stray near his family.
I have no pictures of that because he's much too fast.
It's a sight to see: a small yellow bird going after birds two or
three times its size with such determination.

So on this father's day, I want to wish a good one
to all the Palmers out there.

And a very special salute to you, dad!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trouble on the Double

While I really loved the idea of it, I feared getting stuck in the chambray top.
After all, I had trouble with several other shirts, including ones with a long placket down the front that could be unbuttoned. I didn't even bother
putting on the scoopneck blouse in anchors aweigh in my regular size.
I had my head and one arm partly in when I realized even if I could
get it completely on without ripping it, I will have to be cut out of the blouse (hint: if you are struggling to get a garment on, chances are really good it will be
even more difficult to get that article of clothing off).

The chambray top has no buttons or zippers. The fabric has no hint of stretch, the 80% lyocell 20% linen is solidly woven and more substantial than I'd imagined. And most everyone recommended sizing up one or two.
I decided the next size up might work (my regular size had sold out), especially since I'd planned on wearing it over a shirt (potentially another sticking point).
Imagine my surprise when I found I could easily escape out of it. Yay!
The print on  the café capri in fresco floral sateen is of roses.
Yet I feel like it's tropical. Of course it's because of the blues and greens.
And the large flower print. I like it as I do most loud pants.
The fit is neither loose nor tight: I can easily get my hands in the pockets
and it doesn't get baggy or require hitching up throughout the day.
It's unlined and the 97% cotton 3% elastane fabric is machine washable
(line dry). Which is a really good thing. Because I promptly spilled iced coffee all over one pant leg during lunch. However, I was so quick to brush off the liquid, I don't think the coffee could settle into the tightly woven fibers
with a sateen finish that seems water resistent.

Saved from another potential disaster ... phew!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thow Me a Lifeline

I'm standing very straight. It must be because I'm in uniform.
Loving the minnie pant with heels and a tunic lately.
Kicked up a notch here with subtle pattern mixing.

This is the popover tunic in lifesaver print. The fabric was also used for a dress but I didn't think the below-knee length was good for my shrimpy height so I decided on the tunic. Which can often be a dress on me. As you can see, it's appropriate tunic length so I don't know how it would be for someone taller, even though the description says "a generous length."
I do agree with "sumptuous" and "deliciously drapey" as descriptors
for the 100% silk material. It feels rich and luxurious.
The "signature print" is wonderful and interesting like an abstract painting.
It's intricate enough to not easily see where and how the pattern repeats.
And if you're stranded someplace, you can use it like a puzzle to pass the time. Or use it as a conversation starter by testing people's perception whether they see the lifesavers. Or four-petal flowers.

As much as I like the look of popovers, I hate the struggle to change out of it.
I came this close to getting stuck and calling out, "help!"

P.S. You'd think lifesavers would be a nautical theme but
the dark color is black, not navy blue.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whiled Weekend

Lest you had notion mine is a fashion blog ... here's a true reveal:
This fashion-don't is as dressed up as I'm likely going to get on weekends.
The rugby-stripe sweatpant may be the ultimate weekend crazy pants.
There must be a reason why no one (I know of) has been seen wearing them.
Are they really sporty chic? Or bozo-the-clown goofy?
The "glammed-up" girls' Converse glitter sneakers reminiscent of this
just make it more so (the quotes are properly used as intended, unlike items for this blog).
Let's focus on the boys' denim two-in-one pocket workwear shirt, shall we? 
If for no other reason than my continuing saga with denim/chambray shirts.
The rough-and-tumble distressing and triple stitched seams along with vintage workwear details make this a rugged looking shirt.
To be expected (from a boys' size 14), the workshirt is a boxy fit.

Which would be appropriate wear for a weekend of household chores.
And I will may get to that after we while away a few hours having coffee
in the morning. Out on our patio. With this view.
We may even probably will split a beer (I know, we're wild) out there around sunset.