Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Driving Me Dotty

When WMM asked if the polka-dot sequin top was TTS,
you'd think that's an easy yes or no. But no ... it is not.
If I had them side by side, you'd see the top in
vintage champagne is bigger than the black one I have on here.
And yes, they are supposed to be the same size -- XXS.
At least that's what I ordered and that's how they're labeled.
Maybe this one got into the wrong pile for the size label.
Maybe the vintage champagne runs bigger than the black.
Not only is it looser fitting all over, the champagne top is
approximately one inch longer in body length than the same size in black.
But I could have received one that was mislabeled. 
Gigi thought the polka dots sparse and small on the champagne
while the ones on the black perfectly sized and placed.
I agree. But think it's a visual illusion.
As you can see, the dots are the same size.
I tried the champagne with another combination:
(The dots do look a little sparse and small, don't they?)
A reminder of what the black one in the "same size" looked like on me:
And I wore it without a shirt under
because some wanted to know if the top is itchy.
Again, it's not a simple yes or no.
AJC tried it early on, and she included a pic of the extra facing
around the neckline meant to give some protection.
Ignore the CFS, the top is cotton, not viscose.
It's more comfortable than the zigzag sequin tee or dress.
But it will always be more scratchy than a plain sweater or tee.
 You'd know if you're sensitive to stuff like that.
I do know the champagne is slightly scratchier than the black.
I did a blind test to validate that, it's not my imagination.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Speaking of Sequins

Could this be my go-to look?
Sequins, skinny pants and pumps. I'm all over it.
WMM spoke of sparkles. And I'm on the same train, 
having this post already planned -- with some excitement --
since I rarely have on "hot off the press" things.
I'm the sale-section-only shopper.
Though the polka-dot sequin top is completely sequined,
would you believe I thought it subtle?
It may be the "thousands of small sequins in a light yet dense layout"
or the dark color, the top didn't hit me as too bling-bling.
Something the CFS missed, it's of 100% cotton, not viscose,
and that was a pleasant surprise.
I really like the top but one thing kinda bugs me.
See those split or adjacent polka dots?
That's how it is along the side seams.
I guess it might be too difficult to make the pattern work
across the seams in all sizes. But still, it bothers.
What do you think, am I fretting too much?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It Ain't Pretty IRL

How now, brown cow?
I have no idea why that came to mind.
I no longer had to think about it, my OOTD was thus determined.
So now you know why the name of the post.
Oh sure. If I was another six or ten inches taller.
And had somebody pin everything to shape and slender.
But alas, no. Such is how it is in real life.
Let's start at the top: that's the perfect shirt in chambray polka dot.
The lounge pants trousers are the café capri in silky dot.
The substitute Valentina mirror metallic pumps are Daniele Ancarani
I got from shoescribe before they took down the sale section.
I think they're pretty. With leather uppers, leather lining, leather sole
and a dainty 2.25 inch heel, they are very, very comfortable.
And they were substantially less money than the metallic Valentina.
Back to the trousers ... Gigi said I had to get them.
And she was right, they are like wearing fancy jammies.
I'm surprised it's a 66% silk, 34% wool blend; they just feel like silk charmeuse on your legs. They're unlined so I don't know how they'd be in heat and
high humidity (thank goodness that is rarely a problem in my neck of the woods).
They wouldn't be good with static cling either.
No matter. That's not usually a problem either where I am.
Being comfy is a big plus.
The lounging pajamas brought me to think of ...
The ballet flats of yore.
Not only were they darned cute.
They were carefully constructed for cushy comfort.
Even the quality and softness of the leather lining made me sigh.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sensuous Sumptuous Silk

The CFS overuses sumptuous for her online descriptions.
But believe me, this blouse is of sumptuous silk.
True to its name, the heavyweight silk bow top is heavy (for silk),
luscious, drapey, flowy, lovely 100% silk.
It feels really good on, like the caress of gentle Hawaiian trade winds.
Which is why I didn't (and it would be a shame to) wear a cami under, though you can see it's not opaque enough to not show through the color of the pants.
However, the CFS is clearly demonstrating detachment
from the merchandise for saying:
  1. Tailored fit
  2. Long sleeves
  3. Tie closure
A picture tells a few words:
(I'm 5'2" ish and these don't qualify as long sleeves in my book.)
In case you're wondering, the bow is tacked on, it's only decorative and doesn't serve as a closure. I also question whether it's considered lush since I'd have tied it with much larger loops but OK, I'll give you that one, CFS.
I used to work for several advertising agencies where proofreading,
including checking for accuracy of the copy, was taken seriously.
I'd have been fired a long time ago for describing notch lapels as a standing collar or skirt lengths so consistently wrong and  ...
you all have your own good and bad examples of CFS errors.
But she's a pun robot and I guess that's all they care.
Back to the blouse ... I'd wear it, sans the lush bow, as pajamas if I could.
And if I was a rich girl, I'd sleep in sheets made of the same fabric.
The same blouse in frosted plum is on its way.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tweed Romance

OK, peeps (IRL, I never use the word that's short for people, is this what happens when you blog?)!
a winsome twosome or an ill-fated pair?
The jacket is a keeper ... what about the trousers?
How else would you style these together?
And how would you wear them separately?
What say you, people? :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Looks We Love Not So Much

This is such a cute look, I thought the tie top in navy tweed
a fun and different way to be part of a suit.
So I eagerly hunted down my size of the top via WWFIFY and got the café capri in navy tweed when it went on sale with an extra % off.
Ummm ... maybe not.
Gigi reviewed the top, and while I didn't mind
the ribbon not being silk, I agree I didn't get the feeling.
I like the tinsel factor, I like the colors of the tweed,
see close up here:
But I didn't get how it's a "classic" (I should know better than to argue with
the copywriter from space, I know). And there's something oxymoronic about
a top described as "tailored" and also having a "loose fit."
I kept thinking, "glamorous potato sack."
As for the café capri, the jury's still out.
For a "lightweight tweed," they feel heavy and they look heavy.
I'm going to "pair it with its matching jacket" later this week
to see if that "ladylike spin" is its final spin with me.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sequin Secrets

If you had to go straight from the airport to an event where
the dress code is described as business casual afternoon cocktail attire,
what would you do/how would you dress?
A quick change of shoes from traveling flats to Valentinas
and pulling something sparkly over my plain traveling tee while in the taxi 
has been what I've done on three occasions now.
I didn't take a picture but this was the first time.
Some type of skinny minnies were my traveling pants each time.
The above was in May and below was three weeks ago.
I don't know what business casual afternoon cocktail really means.
But when in doubt, I go with my skinny pants and sequins.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Pretense

It's going to cool off to a high of 85F tomorrow today.
At 1:05 p.m. today yesterday, it was 100F.
Not exactly autumn weather but I'm trying to fake it with some fall colors.
But of course you know these trousers are linen.
(Yes, more crazy pants I cannot help it.)
At least they don't look like I slept in them, the weight of the linen is heavy enough to keep them from getting too rumply.
With the lightweight (ahem, very lightweight and why pockets are so common on shirts)
gauzy shirt, it's a scheme from Out of Africa.
At least in my mind. And reminding me of WMM's post.
(Yes please, to Robert Redford washing my hair.)
Did you fall in love with RR like the Danish baroness and me?
P.S. I'm still loving these shoes and awfully tempted to get a second pair for backup since prices have fallen on summer styles here
(click on Designer and look for Chie Mihara).