Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Umm ... Wow.

Just noticed about my polyvore sets, reaching the top 1,000 most viewed a few days ago. I did a little research to understand more the significance of this "achievement" and learned there are approximately two million active users creating about 35,000 polyvore sets, daily! I guess that's somethin'.
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Monday, November 28, 2011

MIW Monday - Inspired by Looks We Love

Loves this look! But I wonder how practical it is IRL? What if you're someplace where the heat is set high and you can't get the temperature adjusted? It's a dress so you can't easily remove it ... and aaagh, it's 450 big bucks! And even if  you had the dollars and wanted to buy it, it's sold out now.

Here's my take on it.

I'm so going to wear it to work this week!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Laughter Aids Digestion

This would've been perfect to post for Halloween
but it's also good for the day after Thanksgiving  ...
enjoy the 2 minutes :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aaagh ... Another Sale !!

Tee for Tuesday

How can anyone resist this tee I've "borrowed" from Crewcuts? According to fashion dos and don'ts, I'm way past the appropriate age to wear cutesy things BUT! Love the expression on her face, her windblown umbrella, the rhinestone buttons of her coat and (almost my favorite detail) the glitter raindrops! I can't help it. I'm attracted to sparkly, shiny, glittery things like moths to a flame ...
This one is more subtle. Takes in the rage for stripes. I like the appliqued letters.
And this is one of my very favorites. Nothing sparkly on this one except if you imagine the stars.
I have a place in my heart for anything reminding me of Paris. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hip Hip Chin Chin

This is my kind of dirty dancing!
I think that could be why I love sequins ...
imagine how they'd sparkle as you twirl.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thowback Thursday - Spencer Mary Janes and ...

:( while playing around with a potential posting last night, I completely forgot to bid on these shoes -- the Spencer patent-trimmed crackle-metallic mary janes! So mad at myself! I've been stalking them for about a year, hoping they'd show up in my size since they're from a couple years back. These were even unworn in perfect condition. I could kick myself remembering when I passed on them in the sale section online. So an all-points bulletin out for size 5.5, 6 or 6.5 ... please?

Last week I hinted Thursday's postings might be devoted to things from the good ol' days and although these shoes might qualify, what I really had in mind was something like this ...
I'm sorry to be a tease, but what you're seeing is a glimpse of the fabric and the pure silk lining of a jacket. I promise to do more with this in two weeks ... next Thursday is Thanksgiving and I won't want to get any turkey grease on this beautiful thing.

BUT! Dontcha think those shoes (see above) I missed out on would work with this jacket?!?!?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Was Thinkin' Wednesday - Valentine's Day

In addition to sequins and animal print, I love hearts. Always have. So when I saw the Heart Me Sweater, it went immediately on my must-have list, with the only quandary whether I'd get all three color combos or settle for two. The other too-good-to-be-true item on the same list was the Leopard Jacquard Capri. Leopard + Jacquard = gotta have for me. And together, thought they'd make the perfect Valentine's Day outfit, assuming the reds complimented rather than clashed. But after the early reports are in from reviews here, I'm going for a different idea.

Although not a sweater, the tee is sequined!

These pants have a gorgeous print of roses.
And the most romantic shoes of all: pink Lulus.
Big bonus: I already have everything, no new purchases necessary.

Which DH will find very romantic. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TBD Tuesday

It was Make It Work Monday yesterday but also MUSTHAVE Monday with the start of JC's 30% off sale items promotion good through Sunday. I don't know whether to say yay or oh no ... not doing very well with trying to cut waaay back on my shopping.  :(
All of these things are of course TBD until I have them in hand.
Sequined things are my weakness.
As are metallic jacquards.
If you read my recent Throwback Thursday post, you know how I feel about animal print.
This item is likely going to end up the topic of an upcoming What Was I Thinkin' Wednesday post.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Make It Work Monday - Wearing (Not) Black

I'm usually not happy about facing Mondays (see kitten's face). The weekends are much too short to get in housework, sleeping in, maybe a social event and making a little bit of progress on that never-ending list of catch-up activities. You know, the I'm going to organize, find, make, polish, etc. when I have time someday list that includes sewing (ha!) that sequin back on that dress.

So when it comes to dressing myself on Monday mornings, quick and no mental strength required is best. Unfortunately, I often find myself dressed in black, and boringly so, on Mondays. Maybe it's my mood. Maybe I've gotten up a little later than intended, having difficulty adjusting from my weekend schedule so I'm not taking more time trying to get creative working color compatibility.

Now there's nothing wrong with black. But it's the black pants with a black-and-off-white tee and black patterned/embellished cardi, black shoes, black bag uniform I need to get out of wearing on most Mondays.

This Monday, I'm breaking out with this tan and grey outfit. Woo hoo! :/

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thowback Thursday - Printed Oslo Bag

Don't know if this qualifies as throwback; believe this printed Oslo bag was released in 2008. It's old enough so there're not a lot of available images to be found. In fact, hardly any. Posted this to try and get an image for my polyvore sets. I hope this works.

But can we tawk ... the bag is gorgeous! An online comment called it like buttah and I'd have to agree. It cost a zillion dollars when it was released. I was able to get my hands on it for a very reasonable price in the aftermarket. Some may think it's too big but I don't find it so, even though I'm slight and petite. Since animal print is big this season, the bag is right on trend. Truth be known, I've loved animal print for years ... (humph) decades. 

It's about time y'all are with me ;) 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Was I Thinkin' ?!

While we're on the topic of sequins, I was hoping y'all could help me with this item and yes I own it but have no idea where or how I'd wear it. I just cannot pass up a sparkly piece of quality clothing at a rock-bottom price! (I know, I know, something nearly useless on sale is still nearly useless and I'm trying to get over it BUT! Nevertheless, it's in my closet.) On me, the neckline is rather brazen and the length too mini for my comfort. It's described as a sweater but could be worn as a dress or tunic. Wait! I just checked the pic with the model and how could it be?! It's fitting about the same on her but she's certainly way taller!
In any case, I'm hoping you lovely ladies give me some ideas for how to style. Not sure what color leggings or tights would work (squinting trying to picture black ...), and what to do with that neckline!! And what occasion would be appropriate for this disco ball sweater/tunic/mini?

Even if you can't think of something, sharing a giggle would be OK too.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Strange Attraction

This is exactly the kind of weirdness I'm attracted to and the silliness behind this blog!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


The highlight (ha, the sparkle!) of my yesterday was when a colleague brought her new puppy by the office ... SOOOOOOOOO cute! I was telling DH about it and did a search to show him what kind and found this pic that looks just like him! It's not her puppy, but is he not the cutest?!

Encore Trench

Count me as another who lusted after the Encore Trench since its release, especially after seeing Burbon & Pearls photos. I just got mine and LOVES it too! I usually wear 0P or 00, and although the size 0 Icon Trench fits well, ordered a size 00 Encore Trench. I've only had time to try it on quickly and vaguely remember the length is good, just covering my knees (I'm 5'2"). It's a graceful length that works with the fullness of the skirt. I don't care if the color is good for me or not, whatever wrongs will be more than made up by the confidence I'll carry when wearing something you know looks great and makes you feel pretty. Like others, I love how this classic tailored coat has the lovely twist of the feminine full skirt and sweet surprise of the tulle underskirt. It's almost like wearing sexy underwear (kinda almost). One tiny bother: the pockets have to be unbuttoned for use. One tiny concern: wonder if the tulle skirt will pill a knit dress ...
Also see Trench Princess by tiffanyrose featuring a trench coat

Friday, November 4, 2011

What I Really Wore

What I Really Wore

Matching the scarf to the umbrella was only a little matchy-matchy! This was fun and warm and pretty cute IRL.

trail head

How many of you (us) who wear sequins will drop a few at some point? And when you notice, do you always pick them up? And save them intending to sew them back? And even when you don't haven't yet, for days or weeks or (yep) even years, do you still keep those piles of loose sequins thinking you will. Even if you've most likely lost the traceability (ha, ha, inside joke) of what sequin(s) belong to which garment.

Well! That's the premise of this blog: random sparkly things and good intentions.

Let's see, shall we, where this trail takes us ...