Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Good Outfit

Here's another total love. Thanks so much to tarareilly on the JCA Exchange, who passed this beauty -- the Heloise houndstooth coat -- to me. Its swing shape and raglan sleeves fit easily over thick sweaters. The neutral pattern works equally well with black, brown or brights.

The same with the boots. Bronwyn tall two-tone burnished leather midheel boots say it all. The two tones will go where no single color can. The midheels give a bit of lift while still a very comfortable walking height. The burnished leather is simply luscious.

When the temps drop (yes, even in SoCal, it can get in the 30s for overnight lows), I call on the thick gauge Cambridge cable ribbed turtleneck for its polished functionality. Easily cold, I've been known to wear thermals underneath for extra coziness (can't help it, I was born in the subtropics!).

That is the Sterling skirt in double-serge wool. To be truthful, I had no interest in it until I read the rave reviews in blogland. I was lucky enough to pick up both heather acorn and heather carbon on sale and in my size. Though I'm 5'2", the petite length is not hitting me slightly below the knees as shown on the model but I think that will make the skirt more timeless. The easy-wearing style, classic colors and lovely double-serge wool will keep the skirts a mainstay for many years to come.

I'm putting this one in the Good Outfits folder (and hope I get to file more often than every February 29). What are some of your good ones?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Head-Turning Prints

Café capri in kerchief paisley

And you know I love me some loud pants. But!

Even I don't think I can do this.

What say you?

Too Twee ?

Summerlight Terry Daisy Sweatshirt
You know I love me some sparkles and over-the-top, inappropriate-for-my-age cute. But!

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick and Dirty

A Few of My Favorite Prints

A Few of My Favorite Prints by tiffanyrose featuring a floral print skirt

... documentation of (some) JC bests:
  1. Giverny
  2. Golden Roses
  3. Paintbrush Floral
  4. Italian Deco
  5. Campo De' Fiori
  6. Vintage Violet
  7. Kaleidoscope Paisley
  8. Florentine
  9. Cherry Blossom
I'm singing a song from The Sound of Music from that jukebox in my head ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Does anybody else get excited when you see fresh vegetables that look this good? I can't remember what they're called but they were calling to me at the nearby organic food store. A quick saute with garlic and a dash of natural soy sauce and it's yum, yum ... the wonderful flavors of really good vegetables!

Green has mostly been dismissed from my closet. There are times when I try to convince myself it's refreshing and makes my complexion more peaches and cream by contrast. But the truth is, it brings out the not-so-lovely shadows under my eyes and casts an overall sallow undertone.

But! There are also times when I don't care and am drunk on too much crewlade. Such as when I learned of the Metallic Giraffe Day Coat. I hunted for months, maybe a year, until I found it in my size and miraculously, it was in mint condition.

And then there are times when I know I can't pull it off. Case in point, the Madelene dress. I really don't want to be so sensible, especially after Shopping with M's review. It looks so comfy, cute and casually tailored on her. Waaah!
I'm 5'2" and wearing XXS
This is how I can get away with green: surround it with a lot of navy blue and then guss it up with more colors.

I'm wearing the stripe sweater dress with the Ashbury perfect shirt and my most recent favorite shoes, the Clifton booties.

For some reason, I was pleasantly surprised by the pockets even though the online pic clearly shows the model with her hand in one. It's basically the Jules dress in a sweater format. For my comfort zone, it's just long enough to be work appropriate. I'd say the knit is 12 gauge, about the weight of most sweaters such as the heart me. It's fashioned with a wide, open, boatneck neckline, dropped shoulders and extra long cuffs (I have them folded up once).

It's fitting me looser than how it's fitting the model but that's OK by me. I like how it's not clinging to every ... thing. It feels as comfortable as a favorite sweater or sweatshirt for the weekend. Slightly sloppy. But again, that's OK by me.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Viral on Polyvore?

Spindrift sweatshirt in stripe

Saved by tiffanyrose
25 days ago. 143,571 views. 1,003 saves.

This is totally random but I had to take note. It's been odd and amusing to see the stats on this item.

IRL pics later this week when I get
The Blues.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Denim Western Shirt and Pony Skirt

Yeehaw! Husby asked why I'm not wearing cowboy boots (these are the Tenley high-heel midboots). After all, I'm wearing the denim western shirt and the pony skirt.

The skirt may be a size too big for me since it's huge around the waist. There's plenty room for two layers tucked (thermals under the heavy shirt, heehee) and I added the belt to hold the skirt higher, although it would be even better if the belt had another hole or two punched. There are panels of calf skin and substantial merino wool knit that make for a slick shape to the skirt.

This is not this denim western shirt, but one from summer 2011 in a lighter wash. From what I can tell, mine is the same cut and details as the current version, except for the extra rows of decorative stitching on the pockets (see close-up pic). And obviously the current version is a darker color.

I'm awfully tempted to get the new one too since I love mine. I love the western yoke and mother-of-pearl snaps and princess seaming in the back and the heavy but soft feel of the broken-in denim and especially that it fits closer than most of the chambray and denim shirts and comes in 00. 

But! I'm doubtful about the current one: while I'm OK with some degree of prefading, I cannot tolerate fading that's very obviously artificial. From the looks of the online pics, there's too much contrast between the light and dark.

Knowing me, I'd probably have to hunt down authentic indigo and try my hand at overdyeing it or take a sandpaper to it to ease the demarcation.

It would become another project in the good intentions pile. What do you think?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What ?! Ashbury !

As soon as I saw the Ashbury print, every item with the print went on the secret shopping list in my mind. But I figured my size would stand a good chance selling out before the things went to sale. Because it seems my size is always the first to go.

Imagine my surprise to find the skirt and the dress sale priced!!! Already! And all sizes intact.

But! Final Sale. :(

Seems to me, didn't the Ashbury just get launched? What do you think? Are there other surprises?