Sunday, June 1, 2014

Missing May

I swore to myself a second post would get put up in May and missed it.
The month included the magic mix of dinner and a musical -- The Book of Mormon -- with some good friends.
 My version of B&W dressing: Crewcuts boys' tuxedo shirt,
Pixie pant in leather tuxedo stripe, Daniele Ancarani mary janes,
vintage plastic and rhinestone clamper bracelet.
I brought "my book": the Kate Spade Learn The Hustle clutch.
We googled "do Mormons dance" and the answer was "yes."
I love the subtle details to look like a well-worn library item.
And found the laminated finish quite necessary in the ladies' room where a dry spot on the counter is not to be found.
Until the show, I had no idea a disco ball was prominent to the staging/lighting. Was I in theme or what? Or what!
As mentioned, the evening included dinner, the perfect place at this elegant hotel just across from the theater.
The dining room is lovely.
I didn't snap the above two pics, putting blogger cam on hold most of the evening but I did take a quick shot of my short rib tortellini:
They were marvelous morsels.
How was your May and what's in store for June?
Is your world finally getting more color?