Tuesday, November 27, 2012

cRaZy PaNtS!

Am I becoming like John? It's a scary thought, isn't it?
Shopping Celle did a great job reviewing the Collection graphic-print pant on the JCA post. Like her, I thought it too similar to the Bennett cropped chino in snowcat. But when the price dropped to a fraction of its former self and an extra percentage off was in effect, I couldn't help it, I pounced on my size.
Good thing too, because I agree they are well worth it.
(And here's the aforementioned snowcat bennett to compare.)
The snowcat is black and white
while the graphic-print is navy/mint on ivory.
The fabric is 81% wool with the slick of 19% silk.
The pants are lined in 100% poly that wasn't annoying.
In the pic above, you can see the single shallow pleat 
easing into the crease down the pant leg.
They are about an inch longer than the capri length.
(I'm 5'2"-ish and often wear regular length capri pants.)
Though the rise is higher, the pants did not sit at my natural waist,
it's more like a little below belly button.
Only one rear pocket is flapped and buttoned, the other is welted. 
I didn't find the hip and thigh fitted or the leg skinny.
But this is not the first time I've differed with the CFS.
The good tailoring and lovely wool/silk material are what
make the trousers deserving of the Collection status.
The wool/silk combination is warm and sturdy,
with some crispness and a lot of body. I love it.
I suppose it's soft, but "supremely" soft?
I think not. Supremely soft is what I'd like to think
as appropriate for Collection cashmere. 
(More on this to come for a Wednesday post at some point. That's a hint on the content.)
A parting shot ... I felt a little scandalous snapping this dressing room pic.
But I was merely taking a picture of my outfit comprising things
I already owned, showing the crazy pants with a sweater from 2007.
Think I'll be talking about this sweater in that upcoming post too. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Buttoned Up Sequins

Per  reader request, I paired the Collection sequin colorblock tank
with the café capri in wool. While she thought these things for
upcoming holiday events, I wore this to work. Yes indeedy I did.
I felt a little bit like Tabitha's giraffe because hardly anyone batted an eye.
It was just me attempting a human disco ball. Again.
The rectangle sequins give an interesting effect. But!
I just noticed the sequins are not as as densely placed as "advertised."
See for yourself:
Or maybe once worn, or even taken out of the package,
the sequins go every which way askew to look more sparse.
I don't think so though but I still like the top.
 If you're the type who has to straighten every sequin, do not get this top. Trust me, it's impossible and you'll only lose your mind trying.
You must just go with it.
Everything else is pretty much as described, including being of viscose.
(The polka-dot sequin top that was incorrectly described now has its description corrected to cotton.)
And I'm risking the look of floods wearing the regular length
backordered forever navy wool capri pants because
I can never get comfortable with the petite length.
This post was meant to go on to the shoes and my favorite little
clothes steamer but I ran out of steam (ha! knee slapper!) so I'm afraid
there will be a part two and possibly three to come.
A parting phrase was also gonna happen but why is it
almost every everyday expression has something nasty
attached to it by the Urban Dictionary?

Monday, November 12, 2012

At Last! Weather.

Like the face that launched a thousand ships,
the lovely Tabitha compelled me on at least two coats.
She probably sold a thousand Encore/Ethel trenches with this.
And the glimpse of her in bad weather got me stalking,
successfully so, for the linen slicker.
I became feverish and was thrilled when I scored it some months back
on sale and with an extra percentage off .
I couldn't wait for a spit of weather to wear it.
Finally! I did and with a nod to JC's competely impractical styling.
No, no ... there was a threat of rain but it didn't.
As for Helen, did she or didn't she?
I thought the Trojan War was myth but now I'm not so sure.
I've read you become a power researcher when you blog.
So why is the past tense of read also read but read differently?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Buy the Book

As a child, I was an insatiable reader.
Before I was 10, I had my own set of hard-bound classics and my face was often buried in one. I could scarcely put it down at the dinner table.

This continued in my teens and twenties. On the weekends, it was not unusual for me to read 10 more pages, another chapter and since it's 4:17 with only 23 pages left so why not just finish the book before 5 a.m.

In my thirties, my weekly treat was a pot of fresh coffee with heavy
cream on hand and being left alone to savor the Sunday Los Angeles Times.
Saving the Parade magazine for last of course.

I had a giant -- it must have been a good 3" thick and 15" x 17" --
dictionary purchased for $5 from a garage sale.
It sat on my living room floor and I'd flip to random pages
fascinated by whatever entries were found. 

That's why I had to have (and did you spot it in the bookshelf above?) ...
 Dani and Gigi and WMM already know it's not a book.
Unlike the nearly useless Travel Magazine Clutch,
the Wordsmith Dictionary Clutch is a real working clutch.
It's a decent size, measuring approx. 9.2" x 6.4" x 1.8". Instead of tyvek or laminated fabric,
it is well constructed with rich looking thick leather.
The details are astonishingly realistic.
(You can click on the photos for a closer look.)
Look at the beautiful book spine
and foil stamped leather.
You can just about imagine
turning the book cover.
Even the metal frame looks like the
gold leaf gilded edges of a fine quality book.
I haven't carried it yet but I like this combination:
The hat and the dictionary clutch remind me of Tabitha's icon.
And the backdrop is a peek of the KS metallic gold faux fur jacket
that is my consolation for not finding the KS faux fur pullover.
I know. Metallic gold faux fur is a scary thought.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sequin Trails

year ago today, I inadvertently started my blog.
I had reserved a blog name, thinking it and the premise were kinda cute
and that maybe someday I'd have time to keep up a blog.
But while playing with a mock post to check the degree of difficulty,
I clicked the Publish button and well ... the blog was on.
In that honor and keeping with the theme,
I'm completely sequined in the zigzag sequin dress.
With the dress hitting this length on the legs of many who are taller,
I was hoping it would be knee length on me but alas, it is not.
Husby even gave encouragement for keeping it,
but I said I am no spring chicken, I'm not dressing like I'm in my 20s.
I may wear sequins I may wear crazy pants
I may wear goofy graphics on a tee
but I'm not doing a mini anymore.
(And don't you love the bruise on my knee where I banged into the corner of my desk?)
Besides, it's another for wardrobe fantasies and
I'm trying to grow up about this, with another year behind me. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Credit Where Credit's Due

Polka dots gone wild.
Faux fur trim gone wild.
(Umm ... don't think I want a big strip of furriness to add to my hipline.)
Metallic trend gone wild.
(I've met my match in crazy pants; I'm sure others can rock these but it won't be me.)
I try not to and I know it's not nice.
But I did here and here.
And I want to say please JC, watch how you place the pattern:
So to be fair, I think KS can miss too (see first 3 pics above).
And I'll jump in here with this:
All I can think of is: psychedelic shack, that's where it's at.
Psychedelic shack. That's where it's at.