Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April in Paris

Natch, that'd be a good reason for falling off the grid if I was on holiday the entire month but nope. I was merely overcome by life.
So let's just have a dress-up salute to one of our very favorite cities.
And I just realized it was about 4 years ago when I first met

The sweatshirt is the color of sweet butter. It was in Paris where I fell in love with the stuff. Now I have bread as an excuse to eat butter.
 This is the French print popover. I had sworn off popovers ...
unless it's an irresistible print. Oh well.
The ballet flats are to keep the theme but I am definitely swearing off these J.Crew ballet flats, the horrible hurtful things
are all wrong for my feet. Never again.
If I said the color of these trousers was Paris pink would you believe me? It's really iced quartz but in keeping with the theme ...
The girls' tee (size 14) is too young for me but I had to have it.
Fun with these brogue shoes from yoox.
More love for Paris via a linen T-shirt and trying to be
oh so cool with the jacket. Ha.
Tomorrow is May Day and I will be asking an SOS to survive it.
Not only will it be HOT but the low humidity and strong winds make for unfortunate wildfire conditions.
Did you know the Mayday distress signal may be derived from the French expression "m'aidez" meaning "help me?"
As my friend Wendy (who also loves Paris) says: stay safe out there!