Sunday, July 28, 2013


Though I have a dozen brilliant posts written by that
prolific writer who lives only in my head, IRL I am lazy.
Thus, I am resorting to pics from months ago,
when this adorable sad faced puppy won me over.
The baby bulldog sweater was my first and only
ModCloth venture and I don't regret it one little bit.
It was inexpensive, it's 100% cotton and
has a cute critter that makes one smile.
Could use one, working like a dog and a zillion hours last week.
OK not a zillion, but more than 60, including one night morning
when I didn't leave the office until 1 a.m.
Feeling as sick as a dog by then.
Tomorrow, I'll have to be in the office by 6 a.m.
It will be brutal.
I won't be a cheerful early bird.
I will be a grump dog.

Monday, July 22, 2013

For Your Eyes Only

No way would I be seen out in public in this getup. I'm only putting myself out there for you, my bloggy buddies, as another public service.

The ponte peplum top is OK but I'm talking about the girls' everyday leggings in big dipper. IMHO, wearing leggings as pants can be nearly obscene and here I am wearing them as crazy pants. Please know I'm only doing it to work in as many items from the Instant Gratification Sale as possible. Wearing girls' size 14; I'm XXS in women's leggings. They are plenty in the rise, the waistband is just a tad below my natural waist, and they're more than long enough as the hem is rolled three times here. I'm thinking you may see them with a red-and-white striped tunic come next July 4. Just warning ya.

Anyway, I got the leggings mostly to wear for doing housework with a work shirt. IRL, I'd have the sleeves of the selvedge chambray shirt rolled up. Again, the PSA is to show how long the unbuttoned sleeves are on somebody 5'2". For less dorky looks and more details on the shirt, see this post.

Back to the peplum top, think I remember quite a bit of blog love for it. Agree I like the substantial material, I like the fit. I like how the peplum is probably just right. But I don't like how I'll probably never wear it without something over it. Would the peeping peplum be a problem? What would you pair with it instead? While the arm hole is not too low, see how it lifts at the shoulder? With no bra strap holders that would've been a nice touch, I'd constantly fuss with it and drive myself crazy. BTW, the top has a heavy-duty full zip covered by a placket held down with a small hook in the back. It will take some blind luck to hook up or you'll need the help of someone with nimble fingers.
Nope you're not going to see me wearing the silk cami or the stretch suiting tee by themselves in pics or IRL. My favorite thing about the cami is the adjustable straps. The cami is great under sheer tops and as sleepwear for hot nights. As for the suiting tee ... anyone wearing it to work as a standalone top should be sent home, at least if wearing the white or mineral pink. Holy smokes it's extremely close fitting and the knit is sheer. It's fine and silky and feels like lingerie. I'm thinking it's a good layering piece for itchy sweaters or wearing under bare tops like this and this.

OK, I've got to get a move on if I'm ever going to finish ... a review/discussion/IRL of the keeper chambray shirt and faded chambray popover is at this post. More talk about the keeper is here. Next up is the oxford boy shirt in polka dot. It's a white shirt with subtle polka dots. I'll confess I have two of them. I wear it a lot.

Another classic is the merino tippi sweater, it's the sweater version of a basic T-shirt. I like it best with a basic T-shirt. See here.
It's late and I'm running out of steam, does anyone else do this ... hurry up and finish with a weak ending?

Girls' sequin-pineapple stripe tee and Nolita jacket in white pictured above. The 1035 trouser in superfine cotton chatted and pictured here.
I'll come back tomorrow to fill in some details. And show you the 1035 jacket in superfine cotton, classic ballet flats and western denim shirt.
I know, I'm such a tease. :)
I'm back ... and if you didn't notice yesterday, they snuck in a few more items into the Instant Gratification Sale. One was the western denim shirt. I had planned to cover that in my never-ending chambray/denim shirt sMaCkDoWn, but I'll make a few comments now if it helps you one way or another while it's on sale. I know, some don't care for the western details and some worry about the snaps unsnapping too easily for a wardrobe malfunction. Personally, I love them and found the snaps to hold tight. Recall a western denim shirt a couple years ago getting complaints about it being shrunken and too short, that's not the case now. See SU 11 on left and the current one on the right:
Though not quite to the same scale, you can see it's now a darker wash and cut longer and roomier.
Speaking of shirts, here's the stretch perfect shirt. Especially for folks needing special sizing such as petite or tall, this is a great time to get it in basic colors that rarely go to sale. If you're wondering, the boy shirts are cut straighter (as the name implies) and the perfect shirts curve in at the waist along the side seams with vertical darts in the back to further trim the shirt.

I'd not likely have chosen my navy blue 1035 jacket in superfine cotton to wear with the crazy jeans and white shirt but for you, I had to today. It does wrinkle but I love the superfine cotton. The fabric is 100% cotton and woven in such a way you'd swear it contained elastane or spandex. I also love the heavier weight and drape of the material. One thing, because my mother taught me well, I rejected the white jacket since the lapel notches were not symmetrical.
It's now the classic leather ballet flats in a foot race to the finish line, ha! I'd ordered two pairs of the same size and while the admiral blue *seemed* to be the correct fit, the dazzling sun were definitely too big as I stepped out of them with every step. I say the blue seemed to be the right fit but I worry. Here's a tell-tale pic, see how shallow they are? Not much to wrap around your feet.
They do remind me of what I can remember of real ballet slippers from when I took lessons as a little girl. The real ballet slippers fit tightly so they mold to your feet as you dance, the better to point toes or feel the floor. As the leather stretches, the string that ends in the bow can tighten the shoe so it becomes like second skin. Well, the bows on the ballet flats are decorative and thus I worry I'll eventually end up stepping out of the blue ones as well. I'll try some a size down ... we'll see how that goes.
P.S. I wiped out at least an hour's stuff, either Blogger crashed or I clicked the wrong button. Think this is the last time I'll try a long and complicated post. Do these zillions of pics take forever to load too?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Commentary

Like a secret handshake,
this will be our signal when we all meet up.
While I think most bulldogs are awfully cute,
how did this T-shirt sell for $61.50?
Do the people who got this
really use it as a beach blanket?
Somebody forgot her vowels.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red and White and Red, White and Blue

Brilliant minds. Gigi and I had the same idea about 
the linen beaded sweater being awsome for July 4th.
I love the beading, of course.
I love the tweedy looking stripes.
And there's something about the texture of linen knits I find addicting.
It's boxy and oversized (I'm wearing XXS), but I'd be concerned about sizing down because you might damage the beading when pulling it on or off (not nearly as bad as some but I say go slow while doing so).
I wore the schoolboy blazer in indigo dot over it at work because
it's almost always cold there in my office.
Oh just give me a reason to dress in theme, this was yesterday.
Yep it was my friend Gigi who pointed to a batch of Old Navy sweaters a few months ago, would you believe at the time I said July 4th when I saw this one? More dots. More café capris. It's these.
I'm showing off my shoes.
Aren't they awsome for July 4th?
And this is how the week started, in honor of my Canadian friends.
The factory elbow-sleeve sweater is not elbow-sleeved
but the color is beautiful and the price is right.
The trous are the bennett chino.
They are skinny, skinny (for chinos) and extra long (these are petite length,
which tends to be a little short for me but they're rolled three or four times here).

This is not the beaded rose necklace. At least not the real thing.
It's not a statement I'll be making forever so I got the look.
Hint: the five-flower version looks less like a lei (I'll show you on another post).
Not to be outdone, here's how husby tied everything nicely together
on Canada Day, the start of July 4th week.
He always wanted that day to be his birthday because his day
four months earlier tends to be lousy weather.
Isn't he weird?
Update: This is my July 4th outfit.
We had Canadian beer with our all-American burgers,
it happens to be our favorite. What did you cook up?
Enjoy your family and friends ... happy Independence Day!
And as another of my friends WMM says, stay safe out there!