Monday, May 12, 2014

The Mother of Them All

During the 30+ years I've lived here, I don't recall it ever getting close to the 90s in May, let alone 104! The hefty winds predicted for Tuesday is also worrisome, especially since that will likely be for at least two or three days, if holding true to past patterns when the wind kicks up.
Husby said using the term "global warming" is a little misleading since those who are stuck in colder climes might think oh good.
"Global disturbance" is what he thinks more accurate and I agree.
More respect is way overdue, I think she is not at all pleased.
That was all I was planning to post.
But I decided it wasn't fair to end on such a bleak note.
Though I haven't researched more thoroughly yet,
my initial poking around brought me to Environmental Defense Fund. Have you heard of the organization? What do you think?