Monday, December 5, 2011

MIW Monday - Inspired by Liberace?

Maybe it's because I used to work in advertising agencies where you are almost expected to dress more outrageously, or maybe it's because I'm in SoCal where business casual could mean a sweater and jeans that aren't in distress. Could it be because I'm not new in my career? Or that I've established a style or signature look, whatever that means?
Whatever the reason(s), I'm quite comfortable wearing sequins at my workplace among mostly engineers.
However, this is too much daytime sequins even for me! And I had to tweak it some for my practical purpose. Here's what I wore, even if I felt a little bit like Liberace.
What do you think? And what do you think about workplace appropriate or inappropriate clothing?


  1. I work in a very conservative field so I can't do sheen or sequins at the office. I love your look! Tha jacket is tailored so it looks very appropriate for day, and you could glam it up for evening too.

  2. I am as colourful as it gets in my company. They would probably faint if I showed up in sequins.

    I like your shiny jacket!

  3. Thanks, Desert Flower (I almost typed dessert flower)! I might be the only person wearing so much shiny stuff at work but people seem to tolerate me ;).

  4. Love to hear you're adding some color at your workplace, Rose! I think I used to wear only touches of sequins but I got bolder over time. One day, it didn't occur to me I was really wearing a top covered in sequins until the sunlight hit me and I was literally throwing reflections all over the room like a disco ball. I laughed at myself when that happened. :)


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