Sunday, February 19, 2012

Viral on Polyvore?

Spindrift sweatshirt in stripe

Saved by tiffanyrose
25 days ago. 143,571 views. 1,003 saves.

This is totally random but I had to take note. It's been odd and amusing to see the stats on this item.

IRL pics later this week when I get
The Blues.


  1. That happened with a very clear image of a pair of J. Crew earrings I saved in December. For about two months, 20-25 sets a day were using these earrings. I also saved a bag a few years back that did the same thing.

    I think a good majority of my "followers" on polyvore have come from my saved products. I have way more followers on polyvore than on my blog. Guess which one I work harder at, too, lol?

  2. Hi Dina, thanks for stopping by! Just for fun I did a count and sweatshirt tee was used in 58 sets over the past day. Crazy, LOL.

    I have to admire how you keeep up with your blog and your little ones and one more on the way. BTW, you look gorgeous in your latest pic!

  3. I only use polyvore for images to use in a post but that shirt must be one popular item. I wore it last Friday and posted the OOTD HERE. Will watch for your upcoming IRL photos. Curious to see what you think of it.

  4. xoxo - you did a great review on that top. I'll have it in a post later this week or over the weekend. Maybe it's the striking color and bold stripes, the numbers are still going strong. I don't think they are all buying it or it'd be sold out by now. ;)


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