Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trouble on the Double

While I really loved the idea of it, I feared getting stuck in the chambray top.
After all, I had trouble with several other shirts, including ones with a long placket down the front that could be unbuttoned. I didn't even bother
putting on the scoopneck blouse in anchors aweigh in my regular size.
I had my head and one arm partly in when I realized even if I could
get it completely on without ripping it, I will have to be cut out of the blouse (hint: if you are struggling to get a garment on, chances are really good it will be
even more difficult to get that article of clothing off).

The chambray top has no buttons or zippers. The fabric has no hint of stretch, the 80% lyocell 20% linen is solidly woven and more substantial than I'd imagined. And most everyone recommended sizing up one or two.
I decided the next size up might work (my regular size had sold out), especially since I'd planned on wearing it over a shirt (potentially another sticking point).
Imagine my surprise when I found I could easily escape out of it. Yay!
The print on  the café capri in fresco floral sateen is of roses.
Yet I feel like it's tropical. Of course it's because of the blues and greens.
And the large flower print. I like it as I do most loud pants.
The fit is neither loose nor tight: I can easily get my hands in the pockets
and it doesn't get baggy or require hitching up throughout the day.
It's unlined and the 97% cotton 3% elastane fabric is machine washable
(line dry). Which is a really good thing. Because I promptly spilled iced coffee all over one pant leg during lunch. However, I was so quick to brush off the liquid, I don't think the coffee could settle into the tightly woven fibers
with a sateen finish that seems water resistent.

Saved from another potential disaster ... phew!


  1. LOVE these pants on you! The fabric is great and the print so pretty. I totally wish the peplum top had worked on me. You're absolutely right about getting in vs getting out and I will try to remember that next time I am vainly trying to squeeze myself into something that won't work ;)

    1. Gigi - thanks so much! These pants make me want to take a vacation to an island destination, I do love the print.

      I learned the hard way about getting in/getting out. I don't know if it's vanity versus determination or frustration trying to make something you *know* should work ;)

  2. Loving the shape of that sweater with the shirt underneath. And those trousers are so fabulous on you - great print, I've not seen one similar to that - and love the fact you can put your hands in the pockets too

    1. I do love the shape of that pullover, especially worn untucked. And the pants are a favorite among my crazy pants!

  3. Gorgeous pants! I thought about getting the top in that same print but I didn't think I could pull it off...and hahah there have been MANY instances in my life where I have panicked in the dressing room from not being able to pull a piece of clothing off:)

    1. The top would be beautiful, I haven't seen it IRL.

      Oh don't you hate that feeling when you think you cannot get something off without ripping and then you get more nervous and hot and sweaty and that makes it even worse?


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