Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Fuzzy IRL

Thoughts often come to me in a song. So I have The Beatles' "Getting Better" playing in my head. Don't know why because this pic is not good. But.

... the Encore Trench. Wore it for the first time yesterday. Verified it is a special trench. And it gives the feeling of a cool spy. Now I have "Secret Agent Man" going in my personal jukebox.

Speaking of undercover agents, we watched Salt with Angelina Jolie the other night. Just as her slit-up-to-there suit would so not be what federal agents wear to work (I think not but what do I know!), this trench is so not the no-nonsense trench. Thus, perfect for Angelina to wear in the sequel, don't you think?

IRL, I tend to think of trench weather as being rather trecherous. Not sure how the what seems like miles of skirt of the Encore Trench would do in real weather with whipping winds. A little wind, however, would be all the better to show off the tulle underskirt. Yes, the trench has an underskirt of two layers of tulle (I cannot do better than the Bourbon and Pearls pic). It's a delicious detail that brought back a memory from when I was a very, very young girl.

I must have been between 3 and 5 years old and I was to carry the skirt of the wedding dress of an aunt (?? ... I was so young I didn't understand who it was getting married and guessing). I recall taking the job very seriously but it was such a difficult task because the skirt was a mountain of tulle. In my memory bank, the skirt looked like this:
You can just imagine a tiny girl trying to keep the skirt off the ground, and helping to get all that tulle into the car. Life was stressful even back then.

But my favorite memory of that day was being fascinated with the princess I was attending to.

I can understand why Dani fell in love with the trench and how she might have purchased it at full price. It's a small price to pay to become a princess.


  1. Oh it's so beautiful on, I thought you were Dani for a moment, you have perfect posture just as she does.
    I'm going to try to pick it up on Ebay some time, it was $600 over here, it really is a "piece"

  2. $600 Tabs you are getting the raw deal with that pricing, I guess it hasn't let up?
    Tiffany Rose I am thrilled for you that you have the Encore Trench, it is beautiful on you!
    Laughing about you trying to hold up a mountain of white tulle as a little girl!

  3. That looks wonderful on you! I have it too, many thanks to Tabitha for helping with sizing. I get compliments almost every time I wear it. You will too, I assure you. It's one of my favorite purchases of 2011.

  4. i love the trench on you.
    i dont own it because i am petite and cant pull it off,but i am still dreaming of finding a trenchcoat that fits me(and doesnt cost a fortune).

  5. Tabitha - Since I can use every fraction of an inch I can get, I have to stand up straight. $600 ... ouch!

  6. Dani - thank you! The truth is, there were several grown ups pretending I had the job when they really did it. But I tried awfully hard even though I was swallowed up by all that tulle.

  7. Desert Flower - I did get a lot of compliments! It is one of my favorite purchases too ;)

  8. Ina - being petite can be trying when things don't come in petite sizing. I'm 5 feet 2 inches and must have long monkey arms and legs because this trench worked well for me. So you never know ...


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