Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cat Got My Tongue

With not much to say about this outfit and while trying to come up with a title for the post and polyvore set, I decided the saying was perfect. Isn't it so very clever of me to combine my lack of words and the leopard print, though I've never been fond of idioms incorporating the body (let's play it by ear, why don't you eye ball it ... yuck!).

Then I thought I'd serve the educational purpose of blogs by looking into where that figure of speech came from. Umm ... no. Even yuckier. The only thing I want to pass on is, contrary to some theories on the origin, the saying isn't that old (well, it's all relative), as it wasn't found in print until 1881. That is an important fact since it counters the yuckiest of the explanation for where that phrase came.

So, back to the not much to say. This is the dream sweater dress (was it Ema who said sometimes the JC namer of things must go on vacation?), leopard print scarf (yep, you coulda guessed) and Emmett high-heel ankle boots.

For warmth and comfort and a little bit of style, it was the cat's pajamas.

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