Friday, March 23, 2012

A Little Dorky

Have you ever looked at your blog photos once downloaded to view on the computer and get a completely different picture than how you thought you looked in an outfit?

This is one such instance.

If my hair would actually cooperate, and not fall down even with 82 bobby pins in it (are they still called bobby pins?) or cause a headache due to the weight of the hair, I'd put up a messy bun. And if I wore them, I could see wearing some serious looking black frame glasses with this.

Because the whole thing is just a little off.

Kind of like my day that started with a little work crisis when I checked my BlackBerry after getting out of bed. While the little crisis turned out to be way more complicated to resolve, a second problem developed along with an unexpected must-do urgent tasking thrown in and all of these conflicting with a meeting I had to attend.

That was the first hour of the workday. And that's how my day that was expected to be uneventful became a series of "oh [insert appropriate expression for aggravation or panic]" uttered.

The whole time, not feeling quite right since I dashed out the door without the usual two cups of tea.

At the end of the day, it was all fine. The only thing I'm bitterly disappointed about is I won't be able to take Friday off to spend with husby. Bitter. Disappointment. Since I'll be on a plane first thing Sunday morning and I won't be back home until next Sunday night. And my vacation hours earned continue to accumulate in the Bermuda Triangle (as opposed to for a vacation in Bermuda).



  1. Always! It can send me into a deep depression, looking in mirrors or at pics of myself is not good for my self esteem.
    I think that outfit is utterly adorable! I really wish I had all the pieces to put it together, it's a great look.

    1. I can't imagine, Tabitha, you always look gorgeous! But think we're always more critical of ourselves.


  2. You outfit looks is very nice! Maybe your mood is influencing how you perceive things? Ugh, I remember working like that...all the time, and never getting to use vacation time. If I did take a day, I always felt obligated to check email, voice mail, etc., except for my two week honeymoon. After that, coming back with a clear head, I realized just how important time off/break from work really is. Hope you get some time off soon, and have a safe trip.

    1. My mood probably didn't help. My husby is always asking why are you working on your BlackBerry, thought you were supposed to be off today.

      Thanks! I'm hoping the tail end of my trip really will be a few days just to enjoy being with my dad. The last time I tried taking a vacation day to visit my dad, I got a call to work an unexpected crisis ...

  3. I love this outfit!! Like you, I have those, this looks/feels way cuter than it actually looks on the computer screen moments. I am sending you tons of good thoughts that you get back to husby speedily!!!!

    1. Oh thanks so much!!! I haven't left yet and he's already moping. :(

  4. Sorry you had a bad :(
    At least your shoes are adorable! Hope you are having fun on your work "vacation" and that it goes by quickly!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sharon! After the work part of my trip was completed, I had a wonderful 3 days with my dad!!!


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