Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Visit with My Dad

Still catching up from my visit to my dad's ...
wore this thinking he would get a laugh and I was right.
I was surprised how well the vintage thermal henley layers under a thin tee -- in this case a Crewcuts sequin happy face.
In addition to the lovely wisteria found in his backyard ...
there are hydrangeas ready to burst
and pretty dogwood.
I thought this the epitome of spring.
 We had a magnificent day walking in the woods
and by the lake.
I simply pointed the camera skyward and took this, isn't it peaceful and invigorating at the same time?

My dad is a fabulous cook and I didn't take pictures of the yummy things he made for me ... I was too busy eating!


  1. it is such a great idea to buy from the crew cuts!
    what size did you buy and what are you in regular jcrew tees?
    i am a xxs in tees and a xs in sweaters,do you have any suggestions about the size i should get?
    looks like you had a good time with your dad!

    1. Hi Ina. I wear XXS in tees and sweaters and order size 14 crewcuts. Here I am wearing a size 14 sequin happy face tee. Some say they can wear 12 but I find them tight in the shoulders and arms. I think the 14 is also better for length even though I am not tall. There are some crewcuts tees with short sleeves that roll up, those tend to run big and boxy so I'd get a 12.

      I had a wonderful time with my dad! Thanks for coming by ...

    2. thank you so much,i think i will try it out with the 14.

    3. Of the things I've tried from crewcuts, I've found the knit tops and ballet flats to work best. Let me know how it works out for you!

  2. Glad you had a nice visit with your Dad! Love the happy face tee! and the spring flower pics!

    1. My dad got a big laugh out of the happy face tee so it was worth being a little goofy. Thanks, it was a wonderful visit!

  3. So nice to hear about your visit with your dad! It's great you have such a good relationship. You looked adorable! I have a couple of the thermal tees and thought they would be lumpy or something under a tee, but I'll have to try it!

    1. The chance to see my dad is about the only thing that makes all the travel troubles worthwhile!

      I thought the same, especially since the henley has the extra bulk with the placket. But it wasn't lumpy at all, seems to me. Try it. :)


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