Friday, April 20, 2012

Whoa ... What ?!

This has got to be a record. Didn't this top just get launched two days ago? So how ... why ... is it on reduced pricing already?!

In case somebody was fiddling with the website and it was a mistake and somebody realizes at some point and it is changed by the time you are reading this post, this is what it says (just now):

was $110.00 select colors $98.00 item 83779

Our silk cami in a vibrant abstract floral that our design team spotted on a roll of vintage wallpaper (blooming with... More


  1. I tried this on in store this past Friday, I loved it, went to order it online and now it is back to reg price :(. Will wait for sale hopefully. Thanks for posting!!!

    1. I'm certain what I saw was a few hours of oops on the JC website. As I suspected, it went back to regular price by morning. It is pretty and maybe that will be the price to come ... here's to hoping ;)

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