Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Driving Me Dotty

When WMM asked if the polka-dot sequin top was TTS,
you'd think that's an easy yes or no. But no ... it is not.
If I had them side by side, you'd see the top in
vintage champagne is bigger than the black one I have on here.
And yes, they are supposed to be the same size -- XXS.
At least that's what I ordered and that's how they're labeled.
Maybe this one got into the wrong pile for the size label.
Maybe the vintage champagne runs bigger than the black.
Not only is it looser fitting all over, the champagne top is
approximately one inch longer in body length than the same size in black.
But I could have received one that was mislabeled. 
Gigi thought the polka dots sparse and small on the champagne
while the ones on the black perfectly sized and placed.
I agree. But think it's a visual illusion.
As you can see, the dots are the same size.
I tried the champagne with another combination:
(The dots do look a little sparse and small, don't they?)
A reminder of what the black one in the "same size" looked like on me:
And I wore it without a shirt under
because some wanted to know if the top is itchy.
Again, it's not a simple yes or no.
AJC tried it early on, and she included a pic of the extra facing
around the neckline meant to give some protection.
Ignore the CFS, the top is cotton, not viscose.
It's more comfortable than the zigzag sequin tee or dress.
But it will always be more scratchy than a plain sweater or tee.
 You'd know if you're sensitive to stuff like that.
I do know the champagne is slightly scratchier than the black.
I did a blind test to validate that, it's not my imagination.


  1. wow! This is interesting! I am still on the fence about ordering, but I am thinking of the navy if I get one - for osme reason, I find it much more flattering! Thanks for the shout out!

    1. Hi WMM! The sizing is weird, isn't it? The dark top is black, not navy, and I like it better too. Thanks for coming by!

  2. Very interesting. Wonder what is up with J.Crew's sizing??? I had a similar sizing problem with the striped peplum top. I tried on an xxs in store that fit perfect, so I ordered that size online with a promo code. When it arrived, the fit was completely different than the one I tried on in store. It was shorter and the sleeves were tighter:( Sorry to rant on your blog. They are both lovely on you, but I'm drawn to the black one more:)

    1. I don't get it either, it's not just a little bit, I'd guess the champagne is at least a size bigger. I may give it another try to see if the one I got was random. Or maybe not. I am definitely liking the black one better too. Rant away, as much as you'd like, I hope you feel better ;)

  3. Wow, that is strange about the inconsistencies in size! One inch longer is a pretty big difference. And now that you mention it, the black dots on the white top do look kind of sparse, but the black top doesn't have the same effect, what with color illusions. Love the dotty pumps you paired with the white top!

    1. Hi life as a cat! The two tops felt like two sizes, it was a big difference between the two. Isn't it interesting the effect of different color combinations? The dotty pumps are so fun, I've had strangers wanting to take them from me.

      BTW, I love the pic of Maru you have as your icon!


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