Sunday, March 10, 2013

This Is How I Roll

Alrighty then. Before I get to more travel packing tips,
let's go through a few assumptions, shall we? ;)
  • Assuming you don't want to look like a wrinkled mess
  • Assuming you don't want to iron or bother packing a travel iron or chance having the hotel iron spit on your clothes
  • Assuming you don't want to try hanging the wrinkled things in the bathroom while you take a hot shower to steam out the wrinkles (which I've never found to work)
Here's how I pack trousers:
  1. Fold your trousers along the crease of the legs and lay them flat
  2. Put a pair or two of fairly wrinkle-proof pants on top of your trousers (I usually use PJ bottoms or sweatpants that can double as PJ bottoms)
  3. Fold all two or three items loosely together into thirds to fit your suitcase.
Lint stuck to the navy trousers like magnets with all the hotel heated air generating static electricity.
Lint brush. Another travel-must.
The idea is to avoid having hard creases in your clothes where you don't want them. Since your trousers will only be in thirds and with the sweater pants cushioning the folds, your pants should survive the trip wrinkle free or practically so (unless you've overpacked by jamming too many things into your suitecase). After arrival, hang them up by the waistband using a hanger with clips and whatever soft wrinkles should come out.
Re: the hotel heated air in caption above ... it was in the low 30s outside when I got there and this was how I bundled up. The rest of these things plus toiletries, undergarments, PJs, slippers, laptop power cables and the aforementioned lint brush fit in that single carry-on.


  1. I tried this rolling and it worked a charm! And I wore my pants yesterday - only a few more fair isle legging weeks left! Then away till Fall!

    1. I will be wearing the fair isle leggings perhaps a bit longer, I am always cold and they are just wonderful. Would you believe I got a couple pairs more as back-ups? ;)

  2. Tiff, did you get my email? Fingers crossed!

    I always look a mess on holiday, packing gives me the biggest headache.

    1. Tabs, I checked again and there you are. I'll reply tomorrow since I have a very early morning coming.

      I hate packing too but a little polyvore organization along with a few rules (I sound like Clinton and Stacy now) make it so much easier.


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