Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shoe-sketch and Sequins

They used to call me Imelda.
Someone put up a framed print of
racks of shoes right outside my office.
Of course I had to have the shoe-sketch scarf.
It's loosely woven of 62% wool and 38% silk.
Lovely and light. Good for all seasons.
A nice neutral to wear with just about anything.
Girly, girly and cute, cute, cute for shoe lovers.
(They must know there are a zillion of us because with it on promo price
and an extra percentage off, it's still not sold out yet.)
But prone to snags.
So as another bit of advice following this and that,
put it in a bag or wrap a T-shirt around it if packing.
Otherwise the suitcase zipper might catch it
as I did my navy polka-dot scarf. :(
I knew stuffing the scarf unprotected was dangerous.
But I was in a huge hurry.
In my hotel room packing at 3 when I had a 3:40 flight.


  1. I saw this scarf and almost bought it as it was so pretty - you look grand! Where are you vacationing?

    1. Ha, wish I was vacationing. My travels, alas, were a recent biz trip.

  2. I have this scarf...and LOVE it! It was a must have considering my shoe habit! :o) and you're right they do snag very easily.
    You look adorable!

    1. Thanks, Andrea. The same reason this scarf was a must-have for me too. ;)

  3. The shoe scarf is super cute!

    1. It is and easy to wear due to the neutral colors. :)

  4. That scarf is awesome - why did I not buy that? I kind of wish JC made a button-down out of that print, or a cute flippy skirt!

    1. Hi Lisa. What a great idea! I'd buy a button-down with this print in a heartbeat.


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