Monday, April 9, 2012

A Wonderful Day

Two weeks ago, I looked forward to seeing cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C., thinking I finally got lucky on the timing of my trips and would see the flowers close to their peak. It was not to be as I learned they were mostly all gone due to the rain and wind that followed their early blooming.

Since I don't get back East very often, I'd pay the difference in airfare and take a couple vacation days to visit my dad at the tail end of a business trip. So imagine the lovely surprise of finding these in my dad's backyard! I know they're not cherry blossoms but they're even better. I've been curious about the Wisteria ever since learning about Louis Comfort Tiffany's gorgeous Wisteria stained glass lamps. I'd always wanted to see the inspiration and they did not disappoint.

My dad says the weather is always perfect whenever I visit (and it's often stormy or freezing or sticky hot before or after). It seems to be like the small miracle on the day I got baptized some decades ago (and today is the anniversary of that wondrous day). I had decided for the big dip in the ocean and in early April, the water by SoCal is in the mid-50s. I remember tracking the temperatures of the Pacific all week, nervously wondering how I'd handle being cold and wet (one of my biggest fears) . And I'm not making this up, but on the day of my baptism, the water temperature rose 10 degrees from what it was all week (and promptly dropped back down 10 degrees two day after).

Father knows best, don't you think?


  1. The wisteria is gorgeous! You're lucky to have them in your own backyard (parents' backyards are just as good as your own - even better because that means you don't have to take care of them)! ;o)

  2. Lisa, if you've never experienced them, the wisteria has a heavenly scent too! I think they are growing wild and don't need much caring. Unfortunately, my dad lives thousands of miles away so I won't be able see them, or him, very often. :(

    Thanks for dropping by!! :)

  3. Happy belated birthday, tiffany rose! I had a wisteria once. I'd have to really chop it back a lot each year, because it was very invasive. But I loved the flowers on it!

    1. Thanks, Rose!! I have heard the wisteria vines take over. But the flowers are so pretty and they perfume the entire yard!


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