Monday, November 14, 2011

Make It Work Monday - Wearing (Not) Black

I'm usually not happy about facing Mondays (see kitten's face). The weekends are much too short to get in housework, sleeping in, maybe a social event and making a little bit of progress on that never-ending list of catch-up activities. You know, the I'm going to organize, find, make, polish, etc. when I have time someday list that includes sewing (ha!) that sequin back on that dress.

So when it comes to dressing myself on Monday mornings, quick and no mental strength required is best. Unfortunately, I often find myself dressed in black, and boringly so, on Mondays. Maybe it's my mood. Maybe I've gotten up a little later than intended, having difficulty adjusting from my weekend schedule so I'm not taking more time trying to get creative working color compatibility.

Now there's nothing wrong with black. But it's the black pants with a black-and-off-white tee and black patterned/embellished cardi, black shoes, black bag uniform I need to get out of wearing on most Mondays.

This Monday, I'm breaking out with this tan and grey outfit. Woo hoo! :/

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