Saturday, November 5, 2011

Encore Trench

Count me as another who lusted after the Encore Trench since its release, especially after seeing Burbon & Pearls photos. I just got mine and LOVES it too! I usually wear 0P or 00, and although the size 0 Icon Trench fits well, ordered a size 00 Encore Trench. I've only had time to try it on quickly and vaguely remember the length is good, just covering my knees (I'm 5'2"). It's a graceful length that works with the fullness of the skirt. I don't care if the color is good for me or not, whatever wrongs will be more than made up by the confidence I'll carry when wearing something you know looks great and makes you feel pretty. Like others, I love how this classic tailored coat has the lovely twist of the feminine full skirt and sweet surprise of the tulle underskirt. It's almost like wearing sexy underwear (kinda almost). One tiny bother: the pockets have to be unbuttoned for use. One tiny concern: wonder if the tulle skirt will pill a knit dress ...
Also see Trench Princess by tiffanyrose featuring a trench coat


  1. I loved it with heels but I felt it looked dowdy on me with dresses and flats, I did love it though, I will try to pick it up on Ebay some time an deep it for wearing with pants.

  2. You could never look dowdy and J.Crew should send you one with the number of coats you sold from your pics!

  3. I agree, I bought this coat because of Tabitha! I love mine. Even though I live in the desert I've already had a few mornings cool enough to wear it and I get so many compliments. I think you hit the nail in the head, it makes you feel like a princess!

  4. My climate is probably similar to yours, Desert Flower. But I'm a real weakling when it comes to cool temperatures. I have already worn wool coats! But there will be slightly warmer days when I will be a trench princess ;)


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