Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Was Thinkin' Wednesday - Valentine's Day

In addition to sequins and animal print, I love hearts. Always have. So when I saw the Heart Me Sweater, it went immediately on my must-have list, with the only quandary whether I'd get all three color combos or settle for two. The other too-good-to-be-true item on the same list was the Leopard Jacquard Capri. Leopard + Jacquard = gotta have for me. And together, thought they'd make the perfect Valentine's Day outfit, assuming the reds complimented rather than clashed. But after the early reports are in from reviews here, I'm going for a different idea.

Although not a sweater, the tee is sequined!

These pants have a gorgeous print of roses.
And the most romantic shoes of all: pink Lulus.
Big bonus: I already have everything, no new purchases necessary.

Which DH will find very romantic. :)


  1. I like this combo! And how great that you have all the pieces, no shopping necessary.

  2. OH YES!! I like this so much better than the other idea - and I liked that one. Just think this is better :)

  3. Desert Flower - thanks! And the best part IS not having to outlay more $$

    mommydearest - this combo has a sweetness to it, doesn't it? I think DH would like it better too. He'd probably think the other idea was weird ;)


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