Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thowback Thursday - Printed Oslo Bag

Don't know if this qualifies as throwback; believe this printed Oslo bag was released in 2008. It's old enough so there're not a lot of available images to be found. In fact, hardly any. Posted this to try and get an image for my polyvore sets. I hope this works.

But can we tawk ... the bag is gorgeous! An online comment called it like buttah and I'd have to agree. It cost a zillion dollars when it was released. I was able to get my hands on it for a very reasonable price in the aftermarket. Some may think it's too big but I don't find it so, even though I'm slight and petite. Since animal print is big this season, the bag is right on trend. Truth be known, I've loved animal print for years ... (humph) decades. 

It's about time y'all are with me ;) 


  1. Loooooove this! I have the uptown tote relased at the same time in the same calf hair print... they are both TDF. I also scored mine on eBay for less than $100, new, a few months ago. J.Crew used to make the best bags!

  2. You got that uptown for a deal! Dontcha love the way it was?! Agree things are not what they used to be. Since my relationship with the Crew goes way back, I'm likely going to dig up pieces from long ago and review why I fell in love ...

  3. This is such a great print. I love the shape of this bag.
    Kristina J.

  4. Ooooh--I can't wait! Love seeing and reading about amazing past items like this! And I know you likely have plenty of goodies to share;) bring it on!

  5. Kristina - the animal print is beautiful and the shape is great. My favorite part is the unique closure, it is a turn lock constructed of leather, and a beautiful detail.

  6. sweetsy - this could be fun! I'll have to take pictures to post since there was a lot of history before polyvore and, if you can imagine, the widespread popularity of the Internet! Can't promise every Thursday but I'll give it a try.


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