Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Was I Thinkin' ?!

While we're on the topic of sequins, I was hoping y'all could help me with this item and yes I own it but have no idea where or how I'd wear it. I just cannot pass up a sparkly piece of quality clothing at a rock-bottom price! (I know, I know, something nearly useless on sale is still nearly useless and I'm trying to get over it BUT! Nevertheless, it's in my closet.) On me, the neckline is rather brazen and the length too mini for my comfort. It's described as a sweater but could be worn as a dress or tunic. Wait! I just checked the pic with the model and how could it be?! It's fitting about the same on her but she's certainly way taller!
In any case, I'm hoping you lovely ladies give me some ideas for how to style. Not sure what color leggings or tights would work (squinting trying to picture black ...), and what to do with that neckline!! And what occasion would be appropriate for this disco ball sweater/tunic/mini?

Even if you can't think of something, sharing a giggle would be OK too.


  1. tiffany rose, I tried a similar sparkly dress in my Banana Republic post and I think a belt, minnie pants and ballet flats would look great with this top. Enjoy it!

  2. Tinsel!
    Just kidding, I'm with Rose, flats and minis would look great with it, all in a neutral camel tone.

  3. Hi Tiffany Rose,
    I had that sequin number in my cart at least a dozen times during it's sale periods. I can totally relate. It sold out before I ever got around to actually checking out, lol. I would probably wear it with browns or blacks. The sequins will be the flash, so I wouldn't really want to 'add' too much to the outfit. I'd keep everything else, no matter how many layers, simple.
    Black cami, black tights, brown or black boots. That kind of combination. And where would I wear it? Anywhere I wanted to! A friends house for a get together, date night with hubby, even shopping! Why not? Just hold your head high and enjoy it and you will rock it just fine!!! Let us know.... .OK?

  4. Rose, I love your post, the leopard print jacket is yummy. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it :)

  5. Tabitha, I would wear tinsel with that dress going to a masquerade ball, thank you very much. Definitely trying neutrals to tone down the disco ball effect!

  6. Suzy, that's too funny, maybe we even fought over the same dress. There are times when I am relieved when a questionable item disappears from my cart before I can check out! But nope, I got this one ;) DH likes the idea of flashy me when we go out but I think I'd more likely wear it when getting together with the girls. Thanks so much for the nice words of encouragement =) I'll report back when I give it a go!


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